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Big Sexy Hair
Big Sexy Hair Powder Play Volumizing and Texturizing Powder

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Long Name, Short On Results


I like the Sexy Hair line. And when traveling I want to be able to take small sizes of my favorite hair products. To be sure, this little bottle IS the full size. And it is not a powder hair shampoo. Quite the opposite, I find that it leaves my hair feeling heavy. There is no way to dispense just a bit at a time so good luck not going through the entire bottle in no time. There is really no way to disperse the product evenly so "play" is a great adjective to describe the product because it might take a lot of play time to create even a simple acceptable style. It left my hair feeling very gunky and with no movement. Most powders will dull shine so even though it is supposed to volumize I didn't want this on my roots. It actually made my hair feel dirty and second day hair is just about impossible if you use this product. Be prepared to wash your hair after using this product. If you are looking for a great updo that is only necessary for one day, this might work because you don't have to worry about looking at lank, styleless hair.

Potomac, MD


Quite possibly the strangest hair product I've ever used


I recently moved to a new state and had to get a new hair stylist.  Scary, but it worked out great.  In concert with the great new cut she gave me, she used **BigSexyHair Powder Play Volumizing and Texturizing Powder** to addt volume to my roots to give me just the style I was hoping for. **Powder Play** is quite possibly the strangest hair styling product I've ever used.  It's sort of like a salt shaker filled with fine powder that volumizes the hair somehow.  When I use Powder Play, it reminds me of that scene at the end of Beetlejuice where the headhunter sprinkles powder on Beetlejuice's head and it shrinks. Thankfully, this powder produces the opposite result. Powder Play is applied to dry hair. I use it when I forget to use[ Root Pump Plus][1] , or when I air dry my hair but want volume later in the day.  So after blow drying and styling (or after letting it air dry all day) I just take the container, remove the lid, and sprinkle the first half inch to inch of my roots as if I was seasoning my food.  A very light sprinkling is all that's needed.  I apply a little in the places where I want volume, rub it in lightly, and poof!  Volume. Powder Play is very lightweight and doesn't have any scent.  It also comes in various sizes for home use and for travel.  The consistency is kind of odd.  It's not fine like flour or baby powder, but not quite as gritty or coarse as baking soda.  It's somewhere in between.  **Powder Play** is kind of an odd product and totally opposite from anything I've ever used to give my hair volume, but it really works.  A little goes a long way and it's not horribly expensive. ** Highly recommended!** [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Sexy-Hair-Big-Humidity-Resistant-Volumizing-Spray-Mousse-Root-Pump-Plus-300-G-10-6-oz-review-601c7

Annapolis, MD


Get ready for BIG SEXY HAIR, this powder ROCKS!


Okay, I have to just say that this BIG SEXY HAIR Powder Play Volumizing and Texturizing Powder ROCKS! I have never seen another product like this. My teenage daughter is in to all the new hair styles and the newest hair products, so when she went into the salon to get a trim and a style the stylist used BIG SEXY HAIR Powder Play Volumizing and Texturizing Powder to get more height and volume on my daughter's bump. We were amazed at how well it worked, with only a tiny amount needed. She shook a small dab right into my daughters hair and did a few flicks of the comb to rat it and VIOLA! The perfect bump. So of course we didn't leave the salon without a bottle of this magic powder. My daughter uses it to give her volume even when she isn't doing the bump technique. I don't know if it draws the heavy oils out or what, but it does work to give instant volume. Wish I had this stuff back in the 80's big hair days.

Coalgate, OK


Big Sexy Hair Powder Play Volumizing and Texturizing Powder

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