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Big Boss Rapid Wave Oven

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I will buy Big Boss over and over again!


I use my Big Boss Air Fryer literally everyday. I would and have recommended this product over and over. I even bought them for all my family for christmas. I have cooked everything from french fries to a 16 lb turkey to pork steak. I LOVE MY BIG BOSS!




Not worth the space it takes up.


When I first saw this on a tv infomercial, I knew that I had to have it and that it was going to be a great addition to my kitchen appliances and make my life a lot easier. I ordered two of these because I have a large family and knew that I would need more than one to be able to cook everyone food. When I got them I was excited to try them out and try out some of the things that I had seen on the commercial, I was very optimistic. It said that it could cook even frozen foods, so I pulled out a couple of steaks and references the guide for the time and temperature needed to cook them and let it go. I was really surprised at how fast it was cooking the food and couldn't wait to taste them, this product seemed like it was really going to save me time. When they were done, I tried mine and unfortunately it was very dry and stringy, it did not have any juice left in it. I decided the next time to not use frozen meat, but again, my food became dry. This does save time and cook food at a rapid rate, but I have found that my food always comes out dryer and not as good as it would have if I had cooked it another way.




Big Boss Rapid Wave Oven

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