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Big Backyard Ridgeview Wood Gym/Swing Set

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Fun sturdy play center for kids


Happy with this swing set. bought it for my daughter, not really sure how much she would love it. I grew up with just your basic swing set, so this seemed like over kill to me. This set has been a blast for my daughter and her friends. We are now the "it" home to go to and all the kids seem to have fun. As we all know that kids can be super tough on things, but this has with stood the test of time with not only my daughter but countless friends. If you are wanting to have something that your kids can have fun on and also get exercise on, this is definitely worth your money. This swing set is sturdy and well built, I have never once had to worry about my daughter or her countless friends playing on it, no one has gotten hurt and no one has done any damnage to the swing set. I am so happy this was a purchase that I made and it was made totally on a whim. There are many swing sets out there, this is one of the best ones I have found.

Boise, ID


Big Backyard Ridgeview Wood Gym/Swing Set

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