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Bic F12 Speaker

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Amazing subwoofer for a great price


The BIC F-12 subwoofer is a great entry level subwoofer. It's highly affordable and offers amazing performance for the price. The only reason I call it an entry level subwoofer is that it's the general consensus, and it doesn't burn a hole in your wallet. But who ever said that performance and quality must be expensive? The BIC F-12 is gigantic and weighs 42 lbs. If you lack space or if you don't really want a huge rectangular prism, then you might be better off with a smaller sub. However, the size of the BIC F-12 is warranted by its quality and performance. Everything is solidly built, and I mean VERY SOLIDLY built. The volume and crossover knob feels very high quality. The sub itself has great construction. It can be used as an end table. So feel free to put items on it as long as they don't rattle. This subwoofer really puts the bang and the boom in movies. The low frequency effects are awe inspiring. You really feel it in your body. Certain movies like War of the Worlds take on a whole new level with this sub. It'll literally make the walls rumble. This brings me to another point. If you don't want to annoy your neighbors, then this sub is not for you. Also, this subwoofer adds punch to music. You might have to use the EQ a little bit, but after a bit of tweaking, your music will have more punch and substance.

Houston, TX


Bic F12 Speaker

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