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Bialetti Venus 6-cup Stainless Steel Espresso Machine

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The old fashioned way with a modern look!


I live in an area that sometimes can be without electricity. That can cause a problem if you don't have alternative means of making coffee. Hence the Bialetti Venus Espresso machine is awesome.... will work on electric burners and also on campfires! LOL Makes a great cup of espresso. Brew Performance Mmmmm! Can use any type of coffee; espresso, columbian, himaylan, etc! I bought it because I made Israeli coffee! Have had it for years and it's still held up! Doesn't take too long to brew. Nice aromas.....ah! Ease of Cleaning Very much so! Comes apart, clean and the put it back together.... simple! Mirror Stainless finish leaves it nice and shiny. I haven't even had to replace the gasket as of yet. Ease of Use Cleans easily! Coffee in one compartment, water in the other... heat.... that's it! Design Love the modern design. Functional! It's the old fashion idea in a modern design! Durability Stainless Steel? The best!!!! Even if it drops, it's still okay! Nothing that can break!

Hallandale Beach, FL


Fabulous Stovetop Espresso Maker


Make your espresso the way Italians do! This stovetop machine makes terrific espresso in only the time it takes to boil the water - your coffee is hot and strong, and after all, that is the most important thing about your morning coffee, isn't it? The key is to use the correct grind. We use fairly finely ground espresso beans. And never tamp it down - simply spoon it in until the filter is full. Cleaning it is simple - unscrew the base from the top, throw away the grinds, and rinse everything in warm water. There is a rubber gasket on the base of the top part of the pot which needs to be replaced once per year or so. We love our Bialetti so much we take it on vacation with us!



Bialetti Venus makes cafe-quality espresso


Sometimes, when I do not want to run out for an overpriced latte or shot of espresso, I turn to my Bialetti to save time and money.  The quality of the coffee that comes out of this wonder machine is mellow and reminiscent of a street-side cafe. I think it is the percolating time that makes the coffee taste so good!  It does take a little practice to get the coffee grounds the right consistency.  I recommend a more coarse ground.  It also takes practice to get a right ratio of coffee ground to water (adjust according to how bitter you like your espresso).  Once you get it right, *muah!* it is a great cup of coffee.  The handle is easy to grip.  One word of causion:  BE VERY CAREFUL when the bottle part of this espresso maker is hot.  I was wearing a long sleeved shirt and the sleeves made contact with the bottom and got completely burned!  Wait for it to cool down or make sure you clothes are tied up nicely. 

Hickory Hills, IL


Bialetti Brews a Nice Espresso


The Bialetti Stovetop Espresso Maker brews a decent cup of espresso. It is easy to use -- especially in comparison to the Bialetti Moka Express Cappuccino Maker. It's best if you pack the grounds down a bit and only fill the carafe about three-quarters of the way -- to the little knob on the inside that could very well be the water marker. Espresso brews relatively quickly. I don't buy grounds that are as strong as those you find in coffee shops, though they are technically espresso roasted. Therefore, whilst this product is advertized as a six-cup espresso maker, I actually drink the entire pot in a coffee cup. It brews a delicious coffee though. The only -- tiny -- caomplaint I have is in design. I like the look of the standard, hexagonal espresso makers. Maybe the top part of this maker is meant to look sleek. However, I would prefer the old-school shape. In short, if all you need in a nice cuppa, this espresso maker will work for you.

Denver, CO


Bialetti Venus 6-cup Stainless Steel Espresso Machine

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