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Beyond BodiHeat Heat Pad

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use a name brand product, this is lousy


I tried this stuff because it was priced cheaper than some of the other big brands, and it was a waste of my money. The pad does not keep it's heat for a long time and the adhesive part does not stay sticky. Even when it heats up, it doesn't get as warm as other brands. There is no way you get twelve ours of relief out of this stuff. Spend a bit more and get a better brand.



Does What it Is Suppose To


This product is nice because you adhere it to your clothing and not your skin. It did not leave any residue on my clothing. The product did heat up as promised and lasted for the advertised 12 hours. I appreciated the fact that it is non-medicated and odorless so no one has to know you are wearing it. The fact that you adhere this to the clothing makes the heat more targeted. I have used competitive brands to this product in the past and their heat is not as targeted. This product is very easy to use, and the package directions are clear and easy to follow. This product is air activated so it does take up to 20 minutes for it to heat up fully. If you want immediate heat, this product is not going to provide it.

Griffin, GA


Eh. It's an ok product, but not worth it.


Beyond BodiHeat Heat Pads aren't worth the cost. They work for half the time the box says, and not very well during that time. This product is not supposed to be applied directly to skin, so you have to put it on clothing. This makes the product even LESS effective. They are pricey too. Why spend money on something that doesn't even work? They do not provide enough warmth for pain. I suffer from lower back pain a lot, and I have found these heating pads do absolutely nothing. This product does not live up to all of the claims it has. Don't spend your hard earned money on this product. Don't even spend money you didn't earn on them. Trust me. They DO NOT work. They even take quite a while to just warm up initially! I don't expect instant relief, but really? After the five minutes of lukewarm relief wears off, you will feel just as bad as you did before. Go with another product for your pain.

Halifax, PA


BodiHeat Allows You to Get Up & Get Moving


BodiHeat has developed the ideal product~~~unlike having to lay down on an electric heating pad to find relief, the consumer can peel off sticky backing of pad and apply where needed.  It provides heat  as you move about and do your everyday chores.  I love them and use them frequently because of a spinal injury.  They are discreet...nobody will know that you have it on and they do the trick.  The only drawback is that they won't last more than a couple days at a time.   It is best to buy a whole box which you can rely on when you are in need.  Always check with your doctor first to see if you can use this product in combination with what he prescribes for you.  I think BodiHeat is fantastic however it is a little expensive.  Do I recommend...Certainly.  BodiHeat can be found in most drug stores and you can buy as over the counter. 

Fort Gratiot, MI




I am an artist with frequent neck and should problems from drawing and bending over my work for long hours and being at the computer . Beyond body heat has saved me from pain so many times I can even say - I ususaly keep a few pack for the sor shoulder that i get.   These packs get so hot that I would advise putting them on tee shirt not directly on the skin. They deliver intense heat over a period of hours and the pain is soothed away and you barley notice it going ... poof ! the muscles are relaxed and you feel great. I buy them as gifts for friends .   debra solomon

New York, NY


Beyond BodiHeat Heat Pad

3.8 5