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Betty Crocker
Betty Crocker Waffle Baker (model )

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Betty Crocker waffle baker model BC-1944


i have had this waffle maker for several years now and it is one of the greatest things i have ever had. my husband works all over the country and so we spend alot of time in motels. i love this waffle maker because it is very easy to carry and very easy to use. works great anywhere that you can plug it in. i bring it with me on the road so that i can make my husband waffles for breakfast since some of the motels do not provide a breakfast. it is white and it has a nice handle on it. it has an indicator light on the lid that turns off when it is heated up and ready to use. then when you put the waffle batter in it and close the lid the light comes back on and then turns off when the waffle is done. it is so simple and easy to use and saves me money which is a total bonus! i would highly recommend this product. Ease of Cleaning very hard to clean but then most waffle makers are. Durability still works great!

Cheyenne, WY


Betty Crocker Waffle Baker (model )

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