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Betty Crocker
Betty Crocker Complete Meals - Chicken & Buttermilk Biscuits

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Easy to make, good to eat


I started buying these meals because they were very inexpensive and having just had a baby, I needed something cheap and easy to make. It was actually pretty good. The biscuits are soft to eat. All you do is put the biscuits in a baking pan and pour the can over them and then bake it. It's simple and less dishes to wash afterwards. The only problem is, it doesn't feed two adults. It's perfect for one adult and one or two children depending on how much the children will eat. But I find it perfect for my 3 year old and I to eat for dinner. I recommend this meal if you are by yourself or with small children, but not for families unless you buy multiple boxes. It's quick, easy, cheap, and tastes good. However, the beef stew flavor wasn't as good. I didn't care for the taste at all and I don't recommend that one. The pizza flavor one is good too and my child loves it because it actually tastes like pizz.



Give Betty Crocker Complete Meal Chicken and Biscuits a try!


I've been having Betty Crocker Complete Meals for a few good years now because they taste pretty great and there is a HUGE variety, plus they're really convenient if you don't feel like making the same meals from scratch. The first one we picked was Chicken and Buttermilk Biscuits, basically just a can of thick, creamy chicken and vegetable STEW with quick-mix biscuit dough spread on top like a giant pot pie, a casserole that takes a few minutes to prepare and barely half an hour to bake. But if you're like me and LOVE chunky chicken with tender vegetables in gravy with bread or biscuits on the side, you'll WANT to give the Betty Crocker Complete Meal Chicken and Biscuits a try at least once because you just might be very pleasantly surprised by it. You don't necessarily have to spread the biscuit dough on top of the stew, you can bake them up on the side with the stew itself in a regular old soup pot if you want to, but it tastes good either way both hot out of the oven and cold left over! My family loved it so much that we make it from scratch sometimes, but mostly we have to have the genuine meal in a box when my mom just out of the blue has a craving for it! Try it just once!



Convenient but a little bland.


Betty Crocker Complete Meals chicken & buttermilk biscuits is a very convenient meal option. Most meals that I buy like this have almost everything you need but you have to add your own meat. This one includes the meat (chicken) as well as everything else you need. It's very easy Prep time is only around five minutes. The cost of this meal is very affordable. The only downside is that the meal itself tasted bland. It definitely needed something extra. I like the idea of a complete meal in a box but this particular kind fell flat on taste.



Betty Crocker - complete meal in a box but not such a great meal


A complete meal with only 5 minutes of prep time sounded good, so I bought a Betty Crocker Complete Meal - Chicken & Buttermilk Biscuits. We're Southern, so it sounded like a good comfort dinner for a busy night. This was an easy meal to throw together. Pour the can of Progresso chicken and vegetables in the pan. Mix up the Bisquick powder and drop nine clumps on top for the biscuits. The only thing added is water - both to the chicken mixture and to the Bisquick. This meal can be made in various different pan sizes with the cooking time around 30 minutes - give or take depending on the pan size. With the 8 inch pan size (the smallest listed), I only managed to have 8 drop biscuits. Close enough. The meal looked OK when it was complete, but it did look a little soupy. It also tasted soupy. The can of Progresso reminds me of Progresso soup. It just smells and looks like that. There are chunks of chicken and vegetables and sauce like soup juice. It also tastes like Progresso soup. I like Progresso Soup, but it is not what I have in mind when the dinner looks more like chicken pie with drop biscuits on top from the picture on the box. Betty Crocker Complete Meal - Chicken & Buttermilk Biscuits is fast and easy. It doesn't have a lot of fat, but the sodium is 40% of the daily allowance. So, it's not as bad healthwise as many other comfort quick meals or homemade, but what's up with all that salt? As far as the taste, it was not what I had in mind or hoped for. It's like Bisquick blops on top of soup which may appeal to some people - not here though. We eat a lot of from scratch meals, so I guess we'd be picky about anything that suggests chicken pie of sorts. We did eat the meal, but I would not buy another pack.  

southern, NC


Betty Crocker Complete Meals - Chicken & Buttermilk Biscuits

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