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Better Homes and Gardens
Better Homes and Gardens Stand Mixer

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Three years and the gears broke...


I have really gotten into my baking lately and have been using this mixer for about three years. One day as I was mixing chocolate chip cookie dough a small black plastic piece fell into my dough and the next thing I knew, the entire mixing attachment, screws, and the gear compartment fell into my dough. Needless to say I was very upset, because I had to throw out my dough. I have been trying to find out if there is a way to get the mixer fixed, but have had NO luck. This mixer was used maybe 8 times every other month for three years. Not nearly as much as others probably use theirs. *sigh* I guess it's time to invest in a Kitchenaid!

Atlanta, GA


Great Value


I have had this mixer for a year now and I use it weekly. It handles bread dough well. Some people have reported that the bowl doesn't sit well and you have to reseat the spacer under the bowl. I had this problem as well. I just cut out a piece of plastic padding that came wrapped around something else (that is meant for packing purposes) and put it under the black ring and it has been perfect for the last year. I am overall happy with the product however a problem has arose with it. The finish on the paddle attachment, which is what I use 99% of the time, has worn off and now a black residue comes off whenever you touch it. No matter how much I scrub it it is still there. I am going to contact customer service and see what happens.



Great durable product gets the job done


This mixer has worked really well for us, we really wanted a kitchen aid as it has a few more features such as sausage press making etc, but for your basic baker it gets the job done. It is sturdy and durable, although a little large on the countertop it works well. It comes with a dough maker, a wisk which is great for beating eggs and making whipped frosting etc. , and a standard mixer blade. The attachments are easy to switch on and off. Mixing Performance Overall it gets the job done and you can walk away while its mixing and have no worries. Ease of Cleaning cleans up well, the only thing that is akward to clean is the plastic mess guard. Design It is a bit bulky, if you dont have a large kitchen but the design is user friendly and simple. The lock mechanism in the back to pull it up can be difficult sometimes because you have to push hard to get it to move up or down, but that is my only complaint. Durability It's a quality piece with quality parts, it is not cheaply made.

Toledo, OH


All's good but the weight!


This was a gift from my dad, a man who never baked! He knows quality machinery though. This is a great, well made product. The only thing I don't like for me personally is that its too big and heavy for a one-household use.

Thibodaux, LA


Better Homes and Gardens Stand Mixer

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