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Canning Jars
Better Home & Gardens
Better Home & Gardens Canning Jars

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Better Homes and Gardens canning jars work well


I have never bought Better Homes and Gardens canning jars before this canning season, tending to stick with the Mason Jars and Kerr Jars for my seasonal canning. But, I sent my husband to the store for my canning jars as I was making my quince jellies and preserves. He came home with these and I just said 'ugh'. But you know what? They are pretty and they work very well. I'm glad I didn't send him back to the store to exchange them, because I was ready to do so. Every one sealed like a champ within thirty minutes of canning and we have not had one jar lose it's seal after about two months in storage. I always check the seal before using the product. The jars are wide mouthed and easy to fill. The jars themselves have a very pretty criss-cross pattern molded into the glass and the metal lids have a red and white checkerboard pattern. Not only are they pretty for us to look at, they are very nice for gift giving. Now for the reason that my husband brought these home from the store instead of what I asked for: They were much cheaper than the competitors comperable items.

Albuquerque, NM


Better Home & Gardens Canning Jars

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