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Cough Drops
BestSweet Inc.
BestSweet Inc. Bee M.D. Organic Throat Drops

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Love these!


Last time I had a cold, I was looking for a good throat drop to help soothe my throat, which was sore from coughing. I can't tolerate anything kid of cough or throat drop with menthol in it. I just cannot stomach them. Love them smell, but hate the taste. I normally get my trusty ludens, but I saw the BestSweet Inc, Bee M.D. Organic Throat Drops and thought they would be worth the try. They weren't much more expensive than all the other name brand throat drops, and in my opinion worth the could extra cents to avoid a bunch of chemical fillers. I bought the natural honey flavor. When I got home, I noticed it said it had menthol. My first thought was well these are going in the trash. But I opened one and it didn't smell like a halls. I reluctantly put one in my mouth, and to my surprise, it didn't taste like menthol! Just a sweet honey flavor. And it worked so well! I actually went back and bought several more bags to have on hand. It was a really sad day when these were discontinued.

Stevensville, MI


Works great and they're organic!


I bought the BestSweet Inc Bee M.D. Organic Throat Drops on sale one year when I was sick. And I love them! They are better than Hall's medicinal taste and they work better than some of the other brands and definitely have a better taste and aftertaste. The fact that they are organic makes them even better in my book. The flavor is a very smooth mild sweet flavor. It's very pleasant and not overwhelming. But, it is effective. These are individually wrapped pieces. But, if you keep one in your pocket for too long, it will melt into the wrapper. Not a good thing when you're having a coughing fit and trying to get it unstuck from the wrapper. Congestion Relief I didn't think these cough drops helped much with congestion relief. Chest Congestion Relief I don't think I had any chest congestion so I can't really say if they help with that. Relief of Aches & Pains These definitely helped my sore throat caused by sinus drainage. They were nice and smooth going down. Cough Suppression These work great for cough suppression.



Bee M.D. Organic Honey Throat Drops - Sweet and Effective!


Our local drug store was offering these throat drops at a very attractive price that, along with a store rebate, made them free, so I decided to give them a try. I am not much of a fan of cough drops or throat drops. I find most mentholated throat drops to be too strong and irritating to my mouth, and other fruity flavored throat drops are about the same as sucking on hard candy. I was so pleasantly surprised by Bee M.D. Organic Honey Throat Drops! They really do taste like the fresh honey that my grandfather used to give us out of his beehives. It's a very soothing flavor that melts like butter down the back of your throat and soothes the inside of a sore mouth. It's a very natural flavor that's not TOO sweet and has absolutely no chemical aftertaste. The packaging is adorable and is made of biodegradable materials. Bee M.D. Organic Honey Throat Drops are certified organic by Clemson University, and it is a natural product with no artificial ingredients or preservatives. I carry them around with me and happily offer them to my friends!

Farnham, VA


Bee MD Organic Honey Throat Drops are the best for travel


I recently had a coupon for Bee MD Organic Honey throat drops and decided to try them out.  They were surprisingly soothing.  I generally used Halls which are quite harsh in comparison. The Bee MD drops may not be as great for serious colds as they do not have the harshness or fumes which help to open nasal passages, but for a dry throat these are the ones to get.  I love the fact that they are not only individually wrapped, but are individually sealed.  It is not simply a wrap like Halls has, but is completely sealed on all sides.  This allows me to throw several in my purse and leave them there until they are needed without worries of purse fuzz and other crumbs getting all over them.  This is especially nice when shopping.  It is always so dry when shopping in stores and malls that I will find myself wishing I had a throat drop.  Since these can just hang out in my purse indefinitely I find myself pleasantly surprised when I remember they are in there. Congestion Relief Does not relieve congestion. Chest Congestion Relief Doesn't do this either. Relief of Aches & Pains Not relevant. It has no pain reliever. Cough Suppression About as good as any soothing drop. Not as strong as a mentholated drop.

Hanover, PA


BestSweet Inc. Bee M.D. Organic Throat Drops

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