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Best Home Furnishings Revere Power Lift Recliner


This sumptuously styled recliner is bursting with comfort. Slip away into a reprieve from the outside world with a warm and welcoming recliner. Available as Power Lift, Power Spacesaver, Spacesaver or Rocker.

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Most comfortable chair


I really love this chair. It is the most comfortable chair I have had. The fabric is very soft, my daughter loves rubbing her face in it. It is so comfortable that my family and I tend to fall asleep in it. I love the power lift feature. My mother-in-law has multiple sclerosis and has a hard time moving from place to place. She just uses the remote to lift the chair up and she is able to back into it and sit down. Then when she is ready to get up she uses the remote to lift the chair up just enough to be able to stand on her own. We do not have to help her as often out of that chair. It is very easy to use. My kids even know how to work the remote. They love using it to get on and off the chair even though they do not need it. The chair comes in a variety of colors. I have the navy blue one. The fabric is very nice quality and the chair has held up very well. I have it for 5 years now and I have two kids, a dog, a cat, and my mother-in-law who is disabled. It is an excellat chair and I highly recommend it.



Great chair, but gets dirty easily


I had the Best Home Furnishings Revere Power Lift Recliner for about 5 years now and it's finally started to breakdown. Structurally the chair still functions perfectly, but the upholstery has severely declined over time. This chair is a magnet for stains and both armrests have come undone. The armrests are basically resting on top of the frame and can effortlessly fall over the sides. When it comes to repelling stains this recliner appears to welcome them. There is a spot left behind for every single item I have wasted on this chair. Luckily stains are only noticeable up close. Even though it no longer looks good to the eye it's probably the most comfortable recliner that I have ever owned. The seat and back cushions still have a decent amount of padding despite being used up to 20 hours a week. The chair still reclines smoothly without any squeaking and the forward standup lean works well. I would definitely recommend this chair based on its craftsmanship, but the upholstery fabric used will be an issue.

Westchester, IL


Best Home Furnishings Revere Power Lift Recliner

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