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Best Choice Super Supreme Diapers Diapers

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The only brand of diapers that we use in our home!!!! 100% would recommend and continuing using til our kids are out of diapers!!!



Good Diapers- lower price


We love this diaper and I can usually find really good deals on them and get them cheaper than the leading brands. They hold up just as good in my opinion and hold liquids very well. I have never had to worry about my child leaking while wearing these. These will always be a staple in my home and I will purchase them for my next child and friends with children. I am that confident in the product.



Great diaper for a great price!


Great diapers for a regular price that beats even name brand diapers purchased on sale with a coupon. I use them on my 6 month old and have with my older three children as well. They have performed as good as any of the expensive brands. I am a loyal customer. Leak Prevention As good as any other diaper I have used. Absorbency If you have a heavy nighttime wetter, a nighttime diaper might be necessary.

Johnson City, NY


Best Choice Super Supreme Diapers Diapers

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