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Bertolli Al Dente Frozen Meals for One

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Bertolli Al Dente Asiago Ravioli Primavera


(four cheese ravioli with vegetables topped with parmesan cheese in a creamy tomato vodka sauce) I'm a budget conscious shopper so when I saw a sale with a coupon on these, I decided to give them a try. The idea of having restaurant quality food at home at a decent price was very appealing. First impression, great packaging that believe it or not actually came with a wine pairing ("Reisling - Fruity undertones, yet smooth) Cooking - Extremely easy since it's a self-steaming package. Just place the package including the plastic cover into the microwave, no need to vent. Take out of the microwave and dump the top tray into the sauce below. Taste/Appearance - Of course, it doesn't look like the package picture (When does it?) but the orange coloring of the sauce was slightly off-putting. It was good, but not restaurant quality they compare it too. I half-way believe that they suggest the wine so that you don't realize you just overpaid for a frozen dinner. The tomato skins also would get stuck in my teeth and some of the ravioli were slightly dry. Overall, I definitely would not pay retail for this dinner. It was a good change from the frozen meals currently on the market, but don't buy into the hype. It's a frozen dinner with 370 calories and a whopping 17g of fat. Nothing more.

Waxahachie, TX


Bertolli Al Dente Frozen Meals for One

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