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Computerized Sewing Machines
Bernina Computerized Sewing Machine Activa 240

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Love this machine it comes with everything a garmet sewer needs


This machine is great.  It comes with a true light so I dont need to have any extra lights in my sewing room, it comes with the free hand system so I can rise and lower my presser foot with my knee, it has 3 alphabets built into the machine, 99 stitches, mirror image, pattern end, easy to find quick reverse, and many more.  This machine makes excellent buttonholes, the classes are great (any company that will help you to understand your machine better, even when you are an expert sewer is great).  They do show you other feet available for your machine to make your sewing easier but you dont have to get them if you dont want to.

Lincoln, NE


Bernina is worth every penny, you get what you pay for!


My Bernina Activa 240 is the best machine I've ever worked with. My Mom taught me to sew growing up and all she ever used were Berninas. This is not just a sewing machine, it is a computer that sews. There are a huge variety of specialty and regular stitches that can all be customized vertically and horizontally with a push of a button. It comes with 7 feet in a very nice accessory box that fits seamlessly onto the back of the machine for portability. The automatic buttonhole foot is a dream! You simply press the presser foot down and it sews a perfectly straight button hole side, then you press the reverse button and it sews up the other side parallel - then it remembers what size the button hole is and the next time you press the pedal, it automatically makes identical button holes until you clear the memory or turn off the machine. The stitch memory is a great asset, if you customize a stitch, it remembers. You can also program a series of stitches, like the alphabet, to make words and further customize your project. It has a very easy front loading bobbin and a bobbin winder on the top that can be seperate from the thread you are currently using through your needle. This is an awesome feature because you don't have to unthread everything just to wind a bobbin when it runs out! Overall, this is an amazing machine.

Powder Springs, GA


Bernina Computerized Sewing Machine Activa 240

5.0 2