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Computerized Sewing Machines
Activa 220
Bernina Computerized Sewing Machine

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Top of the line sewing machine


My regular **sewing** **machine** is a **Bernina** Activa 220. I love it. It's very basic and doesn't have a bunch of embroidery crap on it. I like that. I wanted a no frills **machine**. The quality of my **sewing** has improved greatly since I purchased my **machine**. It comes with a foot that allows you to edge stitch perfectly at any width. You also have the option of choosing whether you want the **machine** to stop with the needle up or down, so you don't have to reach over and turn the wheel every time you want to put the needle in the right position. I haven't had any tension problems with it at all. You might get a skipped stitch every now and then unless you buy higher quality thread such as Metrosene or Gutterman. I have to say that my favorite thing about this **machine** is the automatic buttonholer. It's awesome. The buttonholes look 100% professional. This machine is electric run so it hums ever so quietly. Definitly reccomend this to anyone!

Tucson, AZ


This is the best sewing machine I have ever used


When my husband told me to do the research to find the sewing machine that would be best for me, I read reveiw after review after review. I knew I wanted a sewing machine like my moms- and OLD Kenmore that keeps going and going- and not like the few cheapos I had in high school and college. Bernina seemed the way to go, so I waited for a good sale and bit the bullet. It has been worth every penny. This machine will last me for the rest of my sewing career for anything I want to do with it. I was very skeptical about buying a computerized machine, but this one has won me over. It has about 50 embroidery stiches, it does buttonholes, and I actually love all the little computerized tidbits... stitch length and width, and needle position. It even lets me decide whether I want to end my sewing with the needle up or down! My Bernina is going to be making curtains, slipcovers, pillowcases, baby clothes, ME clothes, and who knows what else?!

Oklahoma City, OK


Bernina Computerized Sewing Machine

5.0 2