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Bernina Computerized Embroidery Machine Artista

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A great machine to expand sewing experience


I love the machine but in hind sight I don't think I would have needed such an expensive machine for the sewing I have done so far. I plan to do more things with it but for everyday sewing get a cheaper machine Stitch Performance So far no problem. I am still learning new skills in using it. Ease of Use There is so much to learn not for a beginner but it sure can do almost anything Fabric Handling No problem in handling any fabric Versatility It is amazing what it can do and I am still learning more things to do with it Design I wouldn't know how to redesign any machine so I figure it is designed very good Durability It needs to be service to keep everything working proper. Never play with the bobbin holder!



Big investment but well worth it.


I looked at several different machines before deciding on the Bernina Artista.  I like that I can use a thumb drive with it to transfer designs or hook it to my computer.  Although this was much more expensive than some of the others I have looked at I feel its worth the money.  Its nice to have the combo machine so that when Im doing something that needs a little sewing done I can do that and then just pop on the embroidery module to finish up the embroidery part of what I am making.  It doesnt have a wide variety of hoops like some other machines.  However, I am able to do some very large designs with it.

Bowdoin, ME


My Dream Machine


I have enjoyed sewing as a hobby from when I was just a young girl.  I insisted that my mother show me how to operate her primitive Singer so I could make doll clothes.  She was afraid I would sew through my fingers, but finally relented.  I spent many hours camped out in the dining room where the table served as a cutting center and sewing spot.  How far we have come!  I am blessed that my husband saw fit to encourage me to buy a new "sewing computer." I hope I live long enough to take advantage of all the features available on my Bernina 640 Artista.  The embroidery module is amazing.  But you must pay close attention to the type of needles and thread used.  This machine is sensitive, the same as you would expect from a thoroughbred racehorse

Fairfax, VT


So easy to use- so nice


The Bernina Artista 640 is truly an amazing machine. I didn't know if it would be worth the money but it turns out it has. It is so easy to use and it sews so smoothly. Plus it has great customer service. I highly recommend this product to anybody lookng for a new machine. It has been a great machine as Ive gotten more serious about sewing. I also like that it keeps it's value fairly well so if I want to upgrade to a different Bernina machine I can still get something for this one.

Casper, WY




**Bernina Artista 640 Sewing Machine** is a very good machine my neighbor has it and she loves it. I would recommend this product to my friends and family. This machine is a very strong machine. The Artista 640 is very easy to use, my neighbor has a 15 year old and she can use it very easy. I think every sewer should try it out and see what they think. I don't have one, but i would be happy to purchase one. This machine is light weight and if you need to take this to friend or family members for a hem you could.

Phelan, CA


Bernina Computerized Embroidery Machine Artista

4.8 5