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Berkline Reclining Sofa

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Berline Brand is Good


I have had my couch for 20 years now. It has the dual recliners. Everything works. The fabric is still all together after moving 4 times across the country. I have always been please with this couch. It is finally starting to sag where you sit, but that is understandable after 20 years. It really did hold up nicely. I would look again at them for my next purchase.

Mesa, AZ


Recling parts break


This was our first furniture store purchase. We first bought our Dual Reclining sofa and decided on Berkline. At first the sofa was very nice and comfortable then after about a few months the buttons that you press on the sides to recline the recliners would get stuck and you got where you had to pull the recliner out by hand. Then after about a year the cushion in the Arms of the couch started sinking and then you were sitting on a board. Then after that the recliners quit working also a piece of the back of the recliner broke through the material on the back on one of the recliners. I have been very disapointed with the Berkline Furniture and it turns me off of them. Also don't bother with trying to get it fixed because the maufacuter doesn't want to honor there warranty on there product. We even tried going to the store where we purchased it and they had went out of buisness. My opinion don't waste your money with them.

Buena Vista, GA


Berkline Reclining Sofa

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