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Berkley & Jensen
Berkley & Jensen Ultra Hydrating Shampoo

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terrific product


i love berkley and jensen products. i've bought the shampoo and conditioner from a club store. never used it before. was skeptical about it. that was about seven months ago. i sometimes go back to an old shampoo that i have but i am not as pleased. berkley and jensen shampoo and conditioner cleans my hair great and the condioner makes my hair so soft and managible. i would recommend berkley and jensen to anybody. i also like that the shampoo and conditioner bottles have a pump so you can control the amount you use. the price was very economical. i had a coupon from the club store. buy one get one free. they were very big bottles which will last me a very long time to use. i can't see using another product exept berkley and jensen shampoo and conditioner. So if you are shopping for a new shampoo and conditioner and you run across berkley and jensen products i would recommend grabbing it and using it. thank you.

Allentown, PA


Berkley & Jensen Ultra Hydrating Shampoo

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