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Shampoo for Color-Treated Hair
Berkley & Jensen
Berkley & Jensen Color Protect Anti-Fade Shampoo

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You're stuck with a huge bottle and it doesn't work well.


Berkley & Jensen Color Protect Anti-Fade Shampoo is not that great of a shampoo.  It does the work of cleaning your hair, yes, but it doesn't really do what it says it does.  It is a very watery shampoo and slides off your hand easily in the shower, which means you have to put it on quickly before you lose it all.  I haven't noticed a difference with my hair color after using this shampoo, it just seems to take its normal course of action, fading as usual and this shampoo has made no difference.  Unfortunately it comes in such a big bottle you are stuck with it until you use it or you wasted your money.  They say to compare it to major salon brands but to me it doesn't seem at all comparable to anything I have ever used at a salon.  I was dissappointed by this shampoo and the conditioner that comes with it is even worse.  A terrible product created to attempt to replicate another but failed.

Sparta, NJ


Berkley & Jensen Color Protect Anti-Fade Shampoo

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