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Berkley & Jensen
Berkley & Jensen Ultra Soft Cloths Unscented

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Best Wipes, Best Price


I love Berkley and Jensen wipes.  These are the wipes that I have used almost exckusively for the past 4 years.  These wipes are great and I started buying the originally because of their convenience.  No one wants to carry a big box of wipes around in the diaper bag, but I use wipes all the time, so a small container with ten wipes in it was also not practical.  These were great because as you used more and more the container gets smaller and smaller and when you are finished, there is minimal trash.  I love that they are non-scented.  I use these wipes for everything, runny noses, wiping off tables, wiping hands, cleaning up spills, and of course diaper changes.  They are absorbant and thick.   These are a great value!  They are just as good as any name brand, and you don't have to pay just to have a name brand on them.  If I had to choose one wipe to use for the rest of my kids lives, this is the one I would choose.  Performance I love these wipes! They are great for so many things other than baby bums. Scent I always buy unscented.

Richmond, VA


Better than the pricey brands.


We started using Berkeley and Jensen wipes with our first child 4 years ago.  They were the least expensive option and we were happy with them.  Then, I began buying other types of wipes (Huggies, Pampers) as I found I could get them cheaper with coupons and sales.  After some time of different brands, my husband has declared that we're going back to BJ's brand because they're just better, in our opinion!  BJ's brand wipes definitely seem to clean better than the more expensive brands.  I find that I have to use fewer wipes to get my little ones clean.  They might not be quite as thick as Pampers or Huggies, but I've never had problems with them tearing.  Plus, I really like the individual bags that are much more convenient to stick in the diaper bag (for a while I was sticking wipes in a ziploc bag to put in the diaper bag when we were using tubs of other brands).  The fact that they're unscented is nice.  And the price really is hard to beat, so, bottom line is that I'd certainly recommend them!

Lewisberry, PA


Absolutely the best wipes


These wipes are a great buy. They work just as well as any other brand name wipes and also cost much less. Also, I love the fact that each pack of wipes can be easily carried in the diaper bag and you don't need a separate wipe box.  I Highly receommend it.

Levittown, NY


The best wipes I have ever used with the best price


I have used all brands of wipes and compared prices using coupons of all the brands. ALWAYS purchased diapers and wipes at BJ's and when it comes to wipes, BJ's brand is hands down the best. The wipes don't fall apart, they have a textured side to really do the job, and they even stretch a little. They have the perfect amount of wetness. And the price cannot be beat with or without coupons. Never seen a coupon for these wipes.

Atlanta, GA


Like a damp paper towel.


Berkley & Jensen Ultra Soft Cloths are just awful. Ultra soft is a lie. They're about as soft as a paper towel. I hated these wipes, and we ended up using them not for a baby's bottom, but to clean up baby messes instead. They're great for that, but AWFUL for diaper changes, especially if your baby has sensitive skin.

Preston, CT


Berkley & Jensen Ultra Soft Cloths Unscented

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