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Berkley & Jensen
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Berkley & Jensen Baby Diapers

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They were leak proof at night and worked wonderful!


Jackson Michigan


Don't waste your money! Get what you pay for!


here is a copy of the email I sent to BJ's: I just wanted to take a moment and provide some feedback on an item. I've purchased Berkley Jensen brand items before, and have felt that the items were comparable to brand names, in some cases better, other cases, slightly less. I recently purchased Berkley Jensen brand diapers for my daughter, and I cannot begin to explain the poor quality of this item. Typically I purchase Huggies, and I have in the past tried pampers and a few other boutique brands, but the overall disappointment I experienced with the BJ's brand diaper does not compare to any other I have used. We went through double the number of diapers in a shorter period of time. I threw away several outfits because the leakage was not repairable. I washed many more loads of laundry and the car seat had to be dismantled, sanitized and put together TWICE in a two week period of time. Multiple times I had to change my outfit just from picking up my daughter because bodily fluids leaked out the side onto me. She is changed regularly at daycare every two hours and even the daycare person asked me to get her new diapers. We made the mistake of putting her to bed a few times in the BJ's brand and woke up needing to change the entire crib. On top of the mess that needed cleanup, she suffered a severe diaper rash that required a visit to the pediatrician and a prescription cream to clear up. I'm not trying to complain, and I do not want my money back, but I wanted to bring to your attention that the Berkeley Jensen brand diapers are poor quality and as a mom of two, I'm glad I only made the mistake of purchasing them once. I'm not sure if you welcome honest feedback on your product or is the time I spent conveying this will be wasted, but I at least wanted to share my experience in hopes that you are able to put some R & D into your product and make something worth purchasing. The cost of all the other supplies- laundry detergent, new clothes in a pinch, stain remover


worcester, ma


Recibí muestra


Recibí muestra de estos manuales y me encantarom


6171 doewood street


I love this product


I love how this diaper hold up to a toddler that loves to run around. The diapers are excellent quality. They are soft . I am very pleased with the diapers




Overall good diapers


I received a sample pack of these diapers and have been using them for about a week now and overall, they are pretty good diapers. They are not quite as stretchy as the ones we have used in the past, but good. We had a little problem of a few leaks at night but they work really well for the daytime when he's out and about and moving around a lot. For the price of the diapers and how many you get I would really think about buying these again, for our daytime changes.


Christiansburg, Va


Good quality


Very satisfied with the diapers. Very comfy and cute design.


York, Pennsylvania




I would buy this product again fits my son it's a good product




Definitely will buy again!


Good diaper. Would definitely use again. Diaper did not leak and the design was also super cute. Definitely recommend.


Hyattsville MD


Thin but absorbent


My little man is in size 4 we've been using the Berkley Jensen diapers for about a week now. We shop at BJ's and I've wanted to try these for a while but I always worried if we didn't like them we'd be stuck with a box of diapers we couldn't use. Thanks to Viewpoints we were able to try them for free. I was pleasantly surprised at how absorbent they are. The diapers appear thinner compared to our favorite brand but we have not had any issues with leaks. I do prefer them for daytime use as his bottom prunes when the wet diaper sits against his skin for prolonged periods of time. So far we have only been able to find one brand that didn't do this and we use that for overnights and continue with the Berkley Jensen for daytime. I also didn't notice that stale urine odor with them as some diapers have when soiled. I don't know how these will do with "blowouts", we haven't encountered that, yet. Overall the Berkley Jensen diapers are a good way to save money if you are looking for a quality, store brand diaper.




Quantity for a Quality Price!


So I was little skeptical on trying these as I am a sucker for the Huggies Little Movers. These are much thinner and the elastic on the legs made me nervous as it was not nearly as stretchy as I see on my regular brand. I am happy to say i was pleasantly surprised! These are very thin and lightweight however hold and prevent leaks as good as any that I have tried! The thinner elastic on the legs was actually nice because it still holds without the tightness that can sometimes leave marks on my chunky legged guy! I like the thinness especially around the belly as it creates less bulk when putting pants over the diaper. These held up through naps and the constant moving of my rambunctious 10 month old. For the price they are a great quality and I would definitely recommend!


Toledo, OH


Berkley & Jensen Baby Diapers

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