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BenzaClin Topical Gel

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Does not live up to my standards


I never had acne as a teenager and it was rare for me to even get a blemish. About a year ago when I began having blemishes and their occurance starting increasing until it became a constant, I didn't know what to do. I have tried many cleansers, and have had little success. I finally went to the doctor about it a few months ago and he suggested BenzaClin Topical Gel, telling me that many have success with it and that it should help my problem. The first couple weeks I used it religiously. After no changes in my skin, I became discouraged. The instructions that come with it say it can take up to six weeks for the user to get the full effect of it. That gave me a little more hope and I continued using it just as instructed to. The only change in my skin I saw was bright red blotches and major dry spots, despite using a good moisturizer. My acne is still rampant and now I get to add red blotchiness to my list of skin problems. BenzaClin Topical Gel did not live up to what I was expecting at all. I have an appointment tomorrow to try something else and hope that anyone else that tries this has better luck than I.


Crestview, FL


benzaclin works buts drys your skin out


my dermatologist perscribed me benzaclin a few years ago because i have always had bad acne.  You wash your face like you normally would before you go to bed, and then you rub a little bit of benzaclin onto the acne spots.  You have to only use a minimum amount and rub it in all the way, or it will leave a white looking haze on your face.  Well, after a week of using it, my face got extremely dried out.  I was embarassed to even go into public because it looked like my skin was falling off my face.  not only did it look terrible, but it hurt extremely bad.  It hurt to smile, and even to put lotion on it.  I stopped using it for a few days after my face got dried out to let it heal, then went back to it.  After that, i had no problem.  I guess my face just had to get use to it, but after all the dryness went away i think it worked amazing.  It made my complexion look even, and my pores look smaller, and even made some of my acne scars go away.


New Middletown, OH


Has really helped control my mild-moderate acne


I'm 29 years old and have suffered from mild to moderate acne for years now.  I used to use a lot of the over-the-counter medicines but they never seemed to work for me.  A few years ago, I finally went to a dermatologist who wrote me a prescription for Benzaclin.  Although it can be a bit drying (easy to counteract with moisturizer) and expensive if you don't have insurance (but look on Benzaclin's website for rebates) it has done a great job of keeping my acne under control. I still get acne once in a while but not nearly as often.  Plus, when I do get an occasional pimple, it goes away in a few days (2-3) with Benzaclin.  A few months ago, I switched over to the Benzaclin Pump which is a bit neater to use than the small container it used to come in.  The 50 gm Pump will easily last me 2 months even though I apply Benzaclin daily.  Overall, I think Benzaclin is a great product. It definitely worked for me and it's worth a shot.  


New York, NY


BenzaClin Topical Gel

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