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BennieFactor b balanced shampoo

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the most awesome shampoo out there


This shampoo is everything it says it is and more. I bought it at the local salon in my area and absolutely love it! It is gentle but effective and comes very concentrated so it doesn't take much at all and lasts a long time. The b BALANCED is an awesome product by the benniefactor line. It smells great and does a wonderful job making my hair soft and manageable. It is gentle enough to be used daily and does a great job during the summer after a long day in the pool or in the winter when my hair gets really dry. I straighten my hair daily and this really helps it feel repaired from all the damage I do to it. This shampoo is a little bit on the expensive side (for shampoo, but not really more expensive than professional brand shampoo) but it totally worth the price. in just a few days, your hair will feel and smell so good! Its amazing a product can do all that!!! There are other shampoos offered by Benniefactor, but this is the only shampoo I have used, so if this isn't right for you, try their others!!!

Indianapolis, IN


BennieFactor b balanced shampoo

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