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Benjamin Moore
Benjamin Moore Regal

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The best paint you can buy for your money!


I have used Benjamin Moore paint for my work in the maintenance industry more times than I can count and I am consistently impressed with the quality and durability of the products it provides. The paint sticks very well, is easy to use, and lasts quite a long time before a touch-up is needed. Also, covering up other shades, even without a primer, can be a breeze with this paint. I highly recommend it to anyone willing to put in a little extra money into their project, but get out ten times that in value. Quality Benjamin Moore Regal paint is by far the highest-grade paint which I have come across. Essentially, while it is more expensive than other paints, the other brands deteriorate much too quickly and have terrible coverage. Durability When I paint with Regal paint I don't have to worry about having to repaint anytime soon. Even though you'll pay more, you'll end up saving tons of money in the long run due to not having to continuously buy bad paint from other brands again and again. Coverage This paint covers areas very quickly and easily covers imperfections on surfaces in 1-2 coats.



One of the best interior paints on the market"


I paint for a living - yeah, and this is the BEST interior paint for a number of reasons:  It flows smoothly, which is important when you want to "cut" a straight line, it doesn't *drag* because it's too thick, yet it covers extremely well (two moderate coats are best using a good quality rollerhead).    And, the pigments are high quality, which means they won't fade or look dull over time.   You can buy cheap paint anywhere, but if you want all the effort and time you put into painting that room to look great a couple of years down the line, use this paint!    Stay away from the store brands!   ALL paints make a room look good, especially if the walls are severely in need of painting, but only a GOOD paint will make they look better for longer!

Derry, NH


Fantastic quality!


We recently had to paint our living room.  I purchased an inexpensive brand of paint and it was a disaster.  I decided to buy Benjamin Moore Semi gloss, color White Dove and what a difference!  The paint goes on so smoothly and looks fantastic.  I only needed one coat (thank goodness because I hate to paint!).  This is great quality paint and I highly recommend it. 

Georgetown, MA


Benjamin Moore Regal

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