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Benicar HCT

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Benicar HCT works great for my high blood pressure!


Over a year ago I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and the Doctor prescribed Benicar HCT. Benicar helps bring my blood pressure down while the HCT helps reduce fluid retention. My blood pressure was so high at one point, before I was prescribed this medicine, that I could have had a stroke or a heart attack. It was 167/100. My doctor immediately prescribed Benicar HCT and over just a few days I felt a difference. I could tell I was not retaining so much fluid. The puffiness just went away. I notice if I run out of my medicine for even a day or two the puffiness is back and there is a rise in my blood pressure reading. As long as I am diligent about taking my medicine and don't run out I feel good. I have a couple of other friends with high blood pressure who tell me they also suffer from fluid retention and I have told them to ask their doctor about Benicar HCT as it will not only give them relief from the puffiness but probably save their lives in the long run My blood pressure these days is usually in the range of 120/80 or very close.

Waterloo, NY


Benicar For Textbook Blood Pressure


Since high blood pressure is associated with risk of stroke and heart attack it is important to get this condition under control as soon and effectively as possible. As I had been diagnosed with high blood pressure after suffering severe headaches and dizziness I went back to my doctor after a few weeks of reflection and asked him what medication he would recommend. He gave me some samples of Benicar HTC and told me to come back in a week.I took the pill in the morning for a week and went back to the doctor. He told me I has "textbook" blood pressure.Benicar Hct is one of the newer blood pressure prescriptions on the market today. This once daily pill comes in two strengths; 20mg/12.5mg and 40mg/24mg. It contains two medicines. One of them lowers the blood pressure and the other is a mild diuretic that rids the body of excess fluid that may contribute to congestive heart failure and swollen ankles. Since starting Benicar I have had no further problems with high blood pressure. Benicar is the only one for me!

Cowen, WV


Works with few side-effects


I tend to get hit fairly hard with drug side-effects (lucky me) so I tend to dread needing to go on new meds and kind of save it as a last resort. My last blood-pressure med before Benicar had me so photosensitive that I needed sun-glasses to drive my car at dusk in addition to giving me terrible headaches even if my days were spent sitting quietly in the dark. Which I might have managed to tolerate but for the fact that it didn't lower my blood-pressure at all. Benicar HTC, on the other hand, has been a godsend. It took my blood-pressure from 140/110 down to 98/72 and I actually suddenly started having energy again (and it had been years since I had the energy to just spontaneously go for a nice hike for no reason than because I could). It was very nice and a total relief. This formulation contains hydrochlorothiazide so you will probably spend a great deal of your first few weeks on it in the restroom but, beyond that, the side-effects are very minimal (various GI upsets mostly) and more than bearable given how well it works on blood-pressure. Definitely worth trying if more old-fashioned blood-pressure meds have too many side-effects to be well tolerated.  

Stow, OH


Benicar HCT

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