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Benefit "hello flawless!" Custom Powder Cover-Up with SPF 15

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The best over-the-counter coverage I've found!


I've become a pretty big fan of Benefit cosmetics over the last couple years, and this "Hello Flawless" cover up has not disappointed me. Simply put, this is a very nice cover up. It feels super light on the skin, but it truly does wonders as far as coverage and evening out skin tone. It's not cake-like and doesn't clog my pores. A little goes a long way - so your application method does make a difference (i.e., don't "pack" it on, but do use a nice large round brush in circular motions). The only aspect I can't vouch for is the sunscreen, but that's only because I am diligent about wearing a full strength sunblock screen on a daily basis (so I would never rely, nor recommend relying on protection from makeup containing SPF sunscreen alone). Aside from that, and considering that I'm a bit of a connoisseur when it comes to trying out new make-up products, I whole-heartedly feel comfortable recommending this product.




Benefit Hello Flawless- Amazing!!


I LOVE my Benefit Hello Flawless custom powder. I went into the store looking for a good powder that could be used sometimes as foundation as I don't wear a heavy foundation anyway and stumbled across this. I love the packaging, anything by Benefit is adorable and easy to use. I love that it comes with a pad applicator and a mini brush, although I ended up tossing the mini brush and use my own larger one. Since it comes with the pad applicator, it allows you to "customize" your look. Most mornings I use the pad applicator and apply it on thicker and use that as my foundation. Then when I am done go over my face with the powder brush for a finish. It stays on for all of my workday, 8 hours, all I do is touch up 1 or 2 times with the powder. It is not overly expensive, in my opinion you get what you pay for and here you get a great product that is easy to use with adorable packaging. I will be repurchasing mine.




I returned it


I have rosacea and this was suggested to me while Urban Decay's Naked Skin Foundation was out of stock. The Benefit Counter girl said the powder would work better for me than the liquid. I was surprised but took her at her word and bought it. She said that the caffeine in the liquid would upset my skin. I returned it a week later. If I was to actually wear this I would have to reapply it every two hours because it literally would ball up and fall off my face. Because I have rosacea and my skin flares are sensitive I am already in the habit of not touching my face often, so I definitely wasn't rubbing it off. It also made me break out and felt super heavy. I tried this with several different primers, without primer, and tried spacing it closer and farther from my moisturizer. In the Naked Skin line I wear a .5 and it's a little dark. Porcelain might be the right color title. The color options for Hello Flawless just aren't there. This was far too dark and far too yellow for my skin as well. I also bought the Bo-ing Concealer, and I wish I had taken it back too. It doesn't matter what foundation I wear, you can see the concealer under it.




Benefit Hello Flawless! is a great powder foundation!


**Benefit "hello flawless!" Custom Powder Cover-Up with SPF 15** is a wonderful multi-tasking product. It's a foundation, powder, sunscreen and mattifier in one compact! You can use this product as a foundation or as a powder to finish your look, but it does contain a considerable amount of color, so I would recommend it as a powder foundation. I would describe the amount of coverage it provides to be medium-full. As I apply "Hello Flawless!" to my face with the sponge that comes with it, it instantly hides imperfections and gives my skin a smooth, matte finish. This feels light and clean on my skin, not heavy like some liquid foundations. I also love that it contains SPF 15! If you have acne/oily skin, I would definitely recommend this because the powder is oil-absorbing AND concealing, so it's a win-win product!


Camp Lejeune, NC


Pretty good powder...


I've become a fan of Benefit's line of makeup and Hello Flawless is no exception. This is now my "go to" powder until I find something better. I used to use Bare Essentials and then switched over to the other big named one out there (sorry I'm blanking on the name right now) after B.E. stopped working for me. I'm all about light feeling with good coverage because of my uneven skintone and redness and freckles. I despise concealer because of the heavy, thick feel, so using this powder on the sponge on certain areas can sometimes reduce the need for concealer in certain areas. Overall it's a pretty versatile product. I will suggest you use your own brush when applying and just use the brush that's included for emergency on-the-run touch ups unless you like super light coverage. For a really nice glow, you might want to consider adding the Girl Meets Pearl with this if you feel your look is too flat.


Pompano Beach, FL


Just So-SO


Hi- I thought this was more like a regular power and didn't do really good coverage. I guess I really like my Bare Essentials Mineral power and was hoping the coverage was good. I guess this just didn't live up to what I was expecting.


Chicago, IL


BeneFit "hello flawless!" Custom Powder Cover-Up with SPF15


**BeneFit "hello flawless!" Custom Powder Cover-Up with SPF15** As I've written in previous reviews I am currently on somewhat of a spending freeze which has prohibited me from purchasing what is probably my favorite foundation of all time.  I purchased this product after reading an ample number of reviews.  It is a bit on the expensive side and I wanted to make sure it would work for me before I spent the dough. I purchased the lightest shade which goes perfectly with my moon tan. The product comes with a sponge and a brush.  Toss out the brush immediately.  It is harsh and when you run it across the powder it makes a lot of dust and you'll lose some product.  The sponge is fine, just wash it out every so often or use your choice of sponge applicator. One of the product claims is that it provides layered coverage that is natural which is true true true!  It's not a complete miracle but is pretty close when it comes to concealing discolorations or blemishes.  My skin is somewhat sensitive and many liquid foundations cause breakouts but I have never had a reaction to the BeneFit product.  Another thing that makes this appealing is that it contains SPF 15.  I use a moisturizer with SPF 30 as well but a little extra will only save me from more sun related wrinkles.  It also lasts me about a full year. In a nutshell, great product, great coverage, worth the price.


Astoria, NY


Benefit "hello flawless!" Custom Powder Cover-Up with SPF 15

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