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Benefit Play Sticks

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love it


This is the best i have ever used. if you're traveling- its awesome, you do not need to carry a bunch of creames and foundation and concelear with you- this is all you need. add it with a light bronzer on top, and you are set to go. throw it in your purse and carry it with you all day- not that you will likely need to freshin it up because it lasts a long time. the cost is great as well- its very affordable. and it doesnt dry out your skin, and sits on it really lightly to give you a natural look

Irvine, CA


compact, easy to use and works well without a cakey foundation f


BeneFit play sticks Cream to Powder foundation is in a compact lip stick like tube that allows it to go anywhere with you. I personally do not like to use a lot of foundation because I will 1 - sweat it off or 2 - feel like I have applied a mask, however this product allows you to put a little dab on problem areas of redness or acne and then go. The woman I bought it from told me that "if it doesn't need covered... why cover it?" and with the BeneFit play sticks Cream to Powder foundation you are able to create a balanced tone that will last all day that you won't even feel. 

Seattle, WA


a natural look


i love this product it leaves you looking flawlessly and a natural look i goes not make me break out like other make up do such as may believe. olay and many more   and the great thing about it is not oily. it give the that natural look that we as women are looking for . i do recommend it to other people it is worth every penny that i pay for . it is expensive but not too much.  if you like quality make up benefit is that one.  i never had hear of this brand of make up before by sister introduce it too me know i can say that i'm a loyal customer of this cosmeticsbrand of make up of benefit . i have been using this for 2 years and i'm not disseminated jet. i know if you give it a try you will fall in love with it and wont go back to your old make up gggrrrrr. so give it a try. what do you have to lose?  benefit's carries many more cosmetic i also have others that i like too. thank very much  

Perris, CA


The BeneFit Play Stick has great coverage & feels great on skin.


This is one of my favorite foundations. I love the way it feels on my face, and has great, full coverage. It also has a nice smell from the tea tree oil.  I have moderate acne so I usually shy away from foundations that contain oil, but this one doesn't make me break out and has the coverage I need. I'd recommend applying with a foundation brush, not your fingers, to get the best coverage and blending. The only drawback is that they have a limited number of shades, and there won't be one for every skin color.

Austin, TX


Benefit Play Sticks

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