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Benefit Benetint Pocket Pal

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Long lasting!


I have used the Benetint for a long time because of it's many multi-uses. The Pocket Pal is a great product to stick in your purse, without having to carry the whole larger Benetint bottle that is sold separately from Benefit. I do not like using the Benetint on my lips by itself, as it tends to dry my lips, so the gloss feature works great on top of the lip stain. I have also used the Pocket Pal tint as a cheek stain for a quick refresher and it works great every time because it lasts, and dries very quickly.



Just okay for me


The red Benetint is great in the summer and can be used for a nice flush on the ckeeks or on the lips. If you use it on your lips, you better have nice, even lips with no dry or uneven areas or it won't cover evenly since it's a stain. The only major complaint I have is that after a month the Benetint developed a major odor bad enough where I had to throw the whole thing out. It was repulsive, I've never had that happen with any other product and it's not like I have halitosis. I wouldn't buy it again. The regular Benetint in a bottle however, I have never had a problem with, just this one with the gloss attached.

Minneapolis, MN


BeneTint Pocket Pal is super convenient!


I absolutely LOVE lip tints/stains and adore lip glosses - those are my two favorite things I love to make my makeup routine complete. So imagine how excited I was when I learned that **Benefit** combined both a stain and a gloss into one convenient package: **Benetint Pocket Pal**! One side of the tube has a pretty, sheer red lip tint while the other side has a clear top coat gloss. Way excited! The **Benetint Pocket Pal** is pretty decent, it colors/blends into my lips quite nicely, the color is pretty, but it does lack the staying power of other lip stains I have tried - although to be fair this is sold as a tint, not a stain. For the money, if you want staying power I would probably not recommend this. In my opinion **Benetint Pocket Pal **still does a good job and I use it daily. The lip gloss is a bit sticky, and I really do not like sticky gloss but it has no scent/taste and I give it high points for that. All in all I do like this product, but am torn as to whether or not I will purchase this again. NOTE: be sure to tighten the tint side completely otherwise it will leak out...YIKES!

Livonia, MI


Great color, terrible gloss


I love Benefit Benetint. I find the color to be excellent because it really looks as if your lips are natrually flushed (like if they were sunburned). The once the color dries it stays fairly well but i'd advice you to make sure you're lips aren't chapped before application or else the color goes on unevenly. Its slightly drying but fixable if you wear chapstick over it. This pocketpal has much room for improvement though. The reason why I say this is because of the awful smell that comes after a while of using the gloss. I think a reason for this though is it might be a reaction with heat. I used to only keep it at my house and it never smelled, then one day i took it out and before i knew it i couldnt stand the stench. If thats the case, then the name 'Pocketpal' should definetely be changed. Also, the lip gloss feels like its hardly coating after a while. It literally feel like nothings there after using it about 20 times i would say, but thats not very bad considering how little of the gloss is in the package.

Brooklyn, NY


Cute packaging but....


I got the posie tint from benefit as a sample from some sephora event. i had never tried any benefit products before, but had heard some pretty good things about the brand, so i thought this was a really great opportunity to try it. have to say i'm a little disappointed... the packaging was nice and the tube was this super cute pink thing, but i didn't expect lip or cheek tint/stain to have worked like this. the formula was really watery, but im not sure if all stains are like this? the color i got was poppy-pink and when i put it on, it didnt look like i had anything on. i swiped it on my cheeks but it didn't add any color, and it was the same on my lips, it was like i just wiped some water on my lips but it didn't leave any color. perhaps it would be different if it was a darker color? but it looked like from the packaging that this was the only color available, but i guess i'm not sure.

Medford, MA


Benefit Benetint Pocket Pal

3.2 5