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Benefit You Rebel Lite

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I love the Rebel make-up. The light is a bit too light but the regular is perfect! It gives a wonderful natural looking sun kissed tan with-out the sun! Its a moisturizing tint that has a SPF in it. My only problem with the product is the fact that rebel comes in a metal squeeze tube, if it sits for a few months more than it should, the SPF can turn orangish sometimes.

Spokane, WA


More Like Foundation than Moisturizer


I have fair skin and I bought the You Rebel "Lite," it was still slightly dark on me. This is my major biff with Benefit, I'm not trying to sound prejudice here but after following the line and watching several of their videos, I think they aim their products at the asian population and it leaves us white gals out in the dark. This product was SO HEAVY, it definitly wasn't a "tinted" moisturizer, more like a creamy makeup for sure. I used it once and gave it to my mom. It was expensive too.

Minneapolis, MN


YouRebel LIte is so many things in one!


I had used the compact that is similar to this product before I discovered YouRebel Lite Tinted Moisturizer with SPF protection!  Just listen to that name, how much more could you want?  It really does everything that it says it does.  Easy application with triangular makeup applicators found in most all department stores.  This product easily works into your skin and gives your face a healthy, even complexion.  On most days, I just use it along with a little blush and mascara, and my face looks vibrant all day.  There is only one thing to watch out for.  If you do not use a powder over YouRebel Lite, you might start to feel a little greasy after a while.  So make sure to only use a light covering and possibly keep it in your purse for touch-ups.  Other than that, I have had no problems with this product.  It is easy to use, and makes my face look even and beautiful without hardly any work!

Normal, IL


Benefit You Rebel Lite

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