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Benefit Get Even Pressed Powder - Medium

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Love this!


I love this. A LOT gets on the brush, and i recommend using the pad that this comes with as opposed to a Kabuki brush. My skin is combination, oily on my nose and normal everywhere else. It covered up my pimples so well that it looked like i had spent a while on concealer. It didn't look cakey at all. I also love the "POREfessioral" Benefit primer. My skin has imperfections, and when my usual powder hits a bum, it looks really bad. This powder+primer made my skin look almost flawless! I have olive skin, but it's pretty light which makes it hard to find foundation to match. I was skeptical at first because there were only 3 shades, but I bought the medium one and it was perfect. If you are unsure about youre color I would definetly try going to Sephore so you can test it out. Also remember you can always return it if it is the wrong color for you. Since it is a powder, it is more forgiving than the liquid foundation




Benefit Get Even is incredible for a powder


I really love Benefit Get Even pressed powder.  Now that I am older and have dry skin I use a liquid foundation, but touch ups with Benefit Get Even are a must!  I have some red blotches here and there and a few small brown spots under my right eye.  After I use a small dab of liquid foundation on my face I touch up the ugly discolorations with tiny blots of Benefit Get Even powder in medium.  I can't believe how light and silky this powder is!  It does not leave me looking dry and flakey and it perfectly covers up the unsightly imperfections on my face.  I also love the matte finish as I've never been one to embrace the shiny look.  Surprisingly, I can use it in only those few small areas without patting it all over my face and you can't even tell.  It is so natural looking! I cannot find anything negative to say about this product, except it is much more expensive than drug store makeup.  Since I only use a tiny amount each day a compact of the Benefit Get Even powder can last me a year (unless I drop the compact on the floor and shatter the powder cake inside - it doesn't seem to work as well for me once the powder crumbles).


South San Francisco, CA


Don't leave home without it!


I use my Benefit Get Even powder everyday and never leave home without it.  My skin is oily and liquid foundation would just make it worse.  Unfortunately, I no longer have a glowing complexion and need something to cover up my flaws.  The coverage that Benefits Get Even powder provides is excellent without a cakey/powdery finish!  This powder really erases the redness and flaws.  The skintone is nicely even and the powdery look disappears as it sets, and it looks as if I had spent a lot of time applying foundation.  Plus, I don't get oily during the day anymore.  I used to have to reapply powder or blot during the day, but not anymore!  Here's a tip: Don't use cover up before the powder.  The powder will stick to the cover up and it looks really uneven and noticable.  There´s nothing faster when I´m in a hurry in the mornings, and the color fits my olive skintone all year.  I recommend Benefit Get Even to everyone. 


Brookfield, WI


Benefit Get Even Pressed Powder - Medium

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