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Benadryl Itch Relief Spray

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Works fassssst.


Whatever your itch, Benadryl Itch Relief Spray will put an end to it. It's good for allergic reactions, like poison ivy, and bug bites. Relief is instant and total. It usually lasts for a couple of hours for me.In the case of poison ivy, oak, or sumac, this spray will relieve the itch, but it won't do anything for the underlying cause. Check out my review of Tec-Nu Oak and Ivy if you expect exposure to those threats.Over-spray is an issue when you're applying it. Don't get it on your glasses, or anything else, unless you've got a good place to wash up. It dries sticky.


Marietta, GA


Benadryl Spray definitely relieves the itch!


Benadryl spray is a nice alternative to creams that just won't rub in or just don't seem to work.  The spray gives a sort of cooling sensation that is nice to feel on a bug bite or other itch.  Also, because you do not have to rub it in, there is no risk of reirritating it with the rubbing.  You can just spray it on and let it be!  There are a couple of downsides to the product, though.  First of all, it is a liquid, so it tends to drip/run.  One spray is usually more than enough liquid to coat your tiny bugbite, so if you spray too close to your body, you end up with a drip running down your leg/arm.  Secondly, after the liquid dries, it can sometimes leave a sticky spot where you sprayed it.  This is especially true if you sprayed too close to your body, like I mentioned before.  Both of these, however, are fine with me in exchange for the relief the spray provides.  I have been a camp counselor for years and have always kept this with me in my backpack.  It is always the first thing I turn to for a bugbite,  or any itch!


Ames, IA


Easy to use itch relief


I love being outside and doing work in the yard.  We have a couple spots along our fence row that has poison ivy so it never fails, several times during the summer I break out in an itchy rash from being in contact with it.  I often use benadryl extra strengh itch cream.  It doesn't get rid of the itchy rash but it gives me temporary relief from the itch.  In the summer I always carry some in my purse to have on hand when I need it.  My boys also break out with the rash easily so I keep some in their camps bags as well.  It is a great product to use for a poison ivy itch.  It doesn't last as long as I would like but I constantly reapply it as needed.  Easy to use on the go with no applying necessary.  Just spray it on and your done!


Cloverdale, IN


Relieve the itch, feel the sting! Benadril Spray


I am alergic to most bugs... most everything!  So, when I get a bite, it tends to itch or burn more than the average person.  Benadril cream never worked quite fast enough to relieve the feeling, so I bought the spray.  Boy does it work--fast!Unfortunately, if there is an open point on the bite (which there is, even if it's tiny), the spray stings LIKE CRAZY!  Of course, that's just the product working, but it really hurts, especially if you spray it on an area like an ankle that was attacked by red ants---possibly 10 or 15 bites in the same area stinging and burning simultaneously... not fun!It gets rid of the itch, the swelling, and the immediate pain, but the burn really is intense sometimes.  I recommend using the spray for immediate relief, and soon after applying a dab of cream directly on the bite/wound so it gets a little burn relief, and double the dose of Benadril itch control!


Colorado Springs, CO


Benadryl Itch Relief Spray

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