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Benadryl Itch Relief Spray

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Worth the Money


This Benadryl spray does cost a little bit more than other off-brand products, but in my opinion, it is worth the extra money. It works very well; for me personally, it works faster and more effectively than other similar products. I have used this to deal with poison ivy, and it has helped relieve the itching associated with poison ivy, and it also helps to dry up the poison ivy rather quickly. I have been very pleased with the results. Although I would recommend this product, I have noticed a couple downsides. For one, the spray is a bit runny after it is sprayed on. If I am not careful about how I spray it on and get a little bit too much in one particular area, then it starts to run down and over a larger area of skin than where I want it to stay. The other downside is that it leaves the skin feeling quite sticky afterward. If spraying in an area that will be covered by clothing, the clothing ends up sticking to the skin, which is quite uncomfortable. But despite these downsides, this product is still worth the money.



Benadryl Spray for Your Desperate Itches


Last summer my husband spent a day on the tractor in lots of brush. Two days later, his lower legs were covered in chigger bites. If you have ever had chigger bites, you know that there is probably a section in the mental hospital for how crazy the itch makes you. And the itchiness goes on and on for days. It not only drives the victim crazy with itchiness, but it also drives the victim's wife crazy listening to the moaning and groaning and scratching. The scratching can also lead to infection when the naughty scratcher cannot control his scratching. The victim loses sleep from the itching. The victim's wife also loses sleep listening to the victim lose sleep. Out of desperation, I bought my bitten hubby Benadryl Itch Relief Spray. I should have also bought stock in the company at the time. The spray immediately relieved my poor hubby's itching for several minutes. Within a half hour, he was re-spraying his bites. And repeat. And repeat. He used 2 bottles during that attack of chiggers, and more the rest of the summer. Although it was ridiculous the amount of spray he used for continous relief, I am so grateful something stopped the sensation fast.

Jenks, OK


Benadryl takes away the itch but leaves a sticky feeling!!!


My oldest daughter and my twins have all bad reactions to bites and I needed to find something that will help them with this problem.  Since Benadryl is what I used when I was small I thought this would be a great new product to try on my daughters. I had very bad reactions when I was younger that i wished they had this product before.  I remember my mom daubing on the pink benadryl over my face and I would end up looking weird.  My twins  are only 15 months and I thought it would be a great idea just to use a spray on them instead of a cream that they could spread all around. This product does relieve the bite pain and itching but it is very sticky afterwards. My oldest daughter liked the fact is very easy to use, but doesn't like to end up all sticky all over her body.  Other then that this product has worked. In my opinion I think it is a little espensive for the size, but it is easy to carry in a diaper bag. 

Edinburg, TX


Benadryl spray stops the itch without the drowsiness!


Benadryl spray stops the itch on contact without the drowsiness effect of Benadryl pills. The only downside is it's sticky after application but thats a small price to pay to make those pesky insect bites forgettable. We all use this product in my family, especially my husband who gets allergic reactions to certain foods and winds up with itchy blotches on his face and body.

Seaford, NY


Benadryl Itch Relief Spray

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