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Benadryl-D Allergy Plus Sinus

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Benadryl solves your problems FAST!


Exhaustion and a desire for sleep are always a big part of any cold or illness. Many people choose Nyquil to get themselves to sleep when sick, but I find that Benadryl does the trick better. Benadryl works quickly, causing drowsiness within ten minutes of ingestion. This medicine will knock you out and ensure that you get at least eight hours of sleep - whether or not you planned to. It's the perfect way to get the sleep you need, without the added drowsiness that Nyquil seems to give you in the morning. You'll be able to sleep soundly and still wake up in time for work. However, I wouldn't recommend taking Benadryl during the day. You'll find yourself extremely sleepy and barely able to keep your eyes open. It's definitely more of a sleep aid or nighttime drug than something you'd want to take before heading off to work or school. The added bonus is that Benadryl can be used for many colds - allergies, sniffly noses, or the most stubborn of stuffed noses.


Harbor City, CA


It really works great!


As a mom of two boys and  a dog, we are always on the go.  Having a cold and sinus problem at the same time is no fun, but Benadryl-D Allergy Plus Sinus is the only thing that touches my problem and makes it go away. My boys know that when I take the medicine, I will be feeling better real soon.  


Orlando, FL


Benadryl-D Allergy Plus Sinus

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