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Belson Pro
Belson Pro Flat Iron 1 inch

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One of the Best I've Used!


I used my nieces flat iron and it is one the chi flat irons, it worked so good. I thought I just had to have one, but I saw how much they cost and I couldn't see myself paying the money for it, because I'm cheap. I saw this Belson Pro flat iron in the store and decided it was a nice price and I would give it a try. It worked nicely, Just the same as the chi. So, on a scale of 1 to 10, I would give it a 10, its gets really hot!

Memphis, TN


Works great for the money


I bought this flat iron on a trip out of town about 4 years ago and it just recently started giving me problems. It wasn't the cheapest available and most certainly not the most expensive. It has a heat dial that reads 200-450 degrees, so it's hard to tell just how hot you've set it. When I use it with heat protectant, it leaves my hair silky and smooth. It has a swivel end so no cord messes.  After 4 years of often use, it still heats (and quickly I might add) the only problems now are that the button that keeps it clamped together when not in use stuck and now I have to pry it open every time I start a new section of hair, and it snags hair causing breakage. Overall, not too bad of a product.

Centre, AL


Belson Pro Flat Iron 1 inch

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