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Belson Pro
Belson Pro Digital Nano Diamond Flat Iron

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Belson Pro Flat Iron


I used the Belson Pro Flat iron for nearly two years. It did a good job of straightening my hair, though I did have to go over it a couple of times to get the job done. At the end of its life, it started getting very hot to the touch on the handle. It became dangerous to use, so I had to throw it away. I did not purchase another Belson pro.



Stay straight with Belson Pro's digital nano diamond flat iron!


I am extremely fortunate that with the current economy I have many friends in a variety of industries, and even more appreciative and grateful because they often supply me with professional products when they upgrade! As happened in this case; a former co-worker who is also a licensed cosmetologist was kind enough to provide me with her Belson Pro digital nano diamond flat iron when she decided to purchase a different brand to use in her salon. It has a one inch plate and I like that the readout is an LCD digital screen and that it can be heated to 450 degrees (though my hair is thin and fine and I only need to heat it to 400 degrees to style; I use it to turn my ends under). It heats up quickly and the only drawback is that because it was used so much before I received it, the springs are a little loose so I have to use two hands to press the plates together as I pull my hair through. If there is a build up of styling products on the plates I wear gloves and use a bit of oven cleaner to clean them, making sure the plates are free from the chemicals before using on my hair again (wipe the plates repeatedly with a dame cloth and then drying with a soft cloth).

Woodstock, GA


Belson Pro Digital Nano Diamond Flat Iron

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