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Bellybar Prenatal Chewable Vitamins

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These were a lifesaver


When I was pregnant with my first daughter in '07/'08 the prenatal vitamins I finally managed to find that were vegetarian were horse pills. I have a hard enough time swallowing pills as it is, but throw in the extra gag reflex that comes with being pregnant? Nightmare. With my most recent pregnancy I went searching for a better option, and I found it with the BellyBar chewables. What's that? Chewable prenatal vitamins? And they're vegetarian? I'm sold! The taste is comparable to the old school chewables you might remember taking when you were a kid, and for me it went down much easier than choking down a horse pill. I highly recommend these for anyone. In fact I still take them even though my youngest is a year and a half old!

Zion, IL


Bellybar Prenatal Chewable Vitamins

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