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Bella Cucina
Bella Cucina Rotating Belgian Waffle Maker, Model

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Waffles anyone?


I give it an 9 just because it does seem to take a bit to heat up and doesn't always cook consistantly. Performance I have made regular waffles, gluten free waffles and hashbrown waffles. All have turned out pretty good. I was impressed my gluten free waffles came out just as good as the regular. Settings/Features Very basic settings but I do like the rotating feature which seems to help with overall heating and cooking. Ease of Cleaning It is kind of a pain to clean. But for the price I guess that is what you get. Would be so much easier if plates removed for cleaning. Ease of Use When using the recommended batter or my own you have to really spread it out to get it to fully cover the grill. I will have to try some other batters to see if it is easier. I have used regular waffle makers before and not have this problem. But overall it is pretty easy and basic to use. Durability I have only used this for a week but it does seem a bit on the cheap side. For this price point I would think it would feel a bit sturdier



The perfect waffle maker


My husband and I ate at a motel 'do it yourself breakfast' and used the rotating waffle maker. We were hooked.  This waffle maker has a non-stick surface, so guess what: waffles do not stick. It is easy to operate, and has even heating.  Our grandson loves to turn the maker when the light says it is ready to be turned. You have to do a couple of 'tests' to determine how thick you want your waffle, and also how crispy you prefer it.  There is also a ready light, signaling it is done. The control knob makes your waffle from light to dark. The picture used for the Bella Cucina looks just like mine, even down to the food in the picture, but mine does not say Cucina anywhere on the machine or in the book.  Also a different model number. I like the 'drip pan' underneath, to catch any drippings that may occur. This is a durable machine, with very easy clean-up. For those new to waffle makers, do not submerge the entire machine in water or put in the dishwasher. Use plastic (designed for heat) or wooden utensils on the heating plates.  We have used different waffle makers in the 50 years of our marriage, but this one is the best.

Jefferson, GA


The Bella Cucina Rotating Waffle Maker is a bit disappointing


We received the Bella Cucina Rotating Waffle Maker as a christmas present, and with it's unique rotating design, thought it would make for a fun activity to make waffles on weekend mornings with our kids. This waffle maker does a fine job of cooking the waffles once you figure out how long to cook them, but the design is actually kind of cumbersome and not really all that fun or child friendly. There is no alarm to let you know when the waffles are done, and the waffle maker itself has no outer cover, so it is VERY hot all over, even near the handle. Also for some reason, we have not had any luck at all with making waffles following the recipes in the booklet - they have come out the wrong consistency or thickness each time we've tried.

Big Rapids, MI


You'll be worn out before you finish cooking


I bought this waffle maker as a birthday present for my husband to surprise him with breakfast in bed and also for the times we have breakfast at dinner.  The concept was so intriguing, a rotating waffle maker guaranteeing that all sides would be cooked to perfection and that it was so easy even a child could do this.  That's were the concept ended.  The waffle maker leaks batter all over the place.  Getting waffles out of the waffle maker once they are done is challenging since they tend to come out in chunks and pieces rather than as one whole unit.  We never were quite sure when the waffles were done--regardless of the indicator since it seemed to be a hit or miss proposition on getting it right.  The price is not expensive but it's not worth the time or the clean up effort.  Instead of a fun filled family activity it was an exhausting experience to make waffles.  Next time you get the waffle craving just head out to your nearest Waffle Hut.  It's easier.

Montgomery, AL


belgian waffle maker is a small but basic way to enjoy waffles.


The beligan waffle maker is small but holds a large amount of waffle mix.  it is rotating so you can cook the waffles on both sides, although one side does cook faster than the other.  It does have a ready light but it usually doesn't work right because i have to keep it upright and not flipped so it will cook on both sides.  It does have a non-stick surface which comes in handy when you are trying to save calories and money.  One good thing is that it does heat up rather quickly so if you're in a time crunch but you still want a delicous breakfast, it allows you to do so.  The waffles come out really big and fluffy but they dont fit into the toaster the next day after we freeze them so you have to measure how much you are actually putting into the waffle maker.  One bad thing is that you have to stand by it and wait for it to cook evenly on both sides and you have to monitor it so make sure its cooking.  Overall, it is a cheap and easy to use waffle maker. 

Rolling Meadows, IL


Bella Cucina Rotating Belgian Waffle Maker, Model

3.6 5