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Bella Cucina
Bella Cucina 13109 Waffle Maker

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This product makes perfect waffles!


This waffle maker was a wonderful purchase and was priced very reasonably as well. The non stick interior makes it very easy to remove the waffles and always cooks each waffle evenly. The temperature knob on top makes it very easy to choose how dark or light you want your waffles and the rotating body makes your whole cooking experience very fun. This waffle iron works well with all batter types, both thick and thin and does not leave any strange tastes in your food. The instruction manual also comes with a small recipe book which has some very tasty recipe ideas. Cleanup is extremely easy, only needing a brief wipe down to remove all residue from the last batch of waffles. The handles are made out of plastic so they are a bit weak. Also, due to the bigger size it is a bit harder to store, but those are really the only issues to speak of. This is an excellent buy. Ease of Cleaning Due to the non-stick




Yummy Belgian Waffles!


The Bella Cucina Waffle Maker makes a pretty darn good Belgian waffle. It works great, this model is one that flips over to ensure even cooking. Plug it in to turn it on, wait for the green ready light, and pour in the batter of your choice. Then flip it over and wait for the light to shut off, flip it back and retrieve your breakfast. The process takes only a few minutes (once the batter is ready) and can churn out several one after the other. I like to leave mine in longer so it's a bit crispy. The bottom catch plate is a bit too small some of the batter that overflows the grill will also overflows from that plate. Some of the outer rim ridges hard to clean when it gets crusted up, the batter seeps in and it can be hard to get it back out. I wish the plates were removable, or better yet, dishwasher safe, but they are not too bad to clean in place. Make sure you use real Pam and not the cheap stuff because if you don't your breakfast may just turn on you (waffle iron pun!) Overall, a great waffle iron, I love it and would recommend it! Settings/Features There are not a ton of features, pretty much just on and off, but that's all you really need from a waffle iron isn't it? Ease of Cleaning Can be a challenge to clean in the cracks. Ease of Use Very easy! Durability Time shall tell..


Philadelphia, PA


Better than I expected


I have been wanting a waffle maker for a long time and finally got one for Christmas. This truly turned out better than I expected. Performance very easy to make great waffles. It took me a few tries to get the amount of batter right - the amount recommended in the instructions wasn't really quite enough to fill the entire grill. Settings/Features The dial is easy to use but does not translate to temps that are recommended in recipes. A temp reference on the dial would be helpful, but with a little trial you can figure it out. Ease of Cleaning Just wipe clean. Not able to put in dishwasher or soak in sink, but it really wipes clean easily. Ease of Use Clear instructions included Durability Haven't really dropped this or used it enough yet to determine if it's durable, but it seems sturdy.


Irmo, SC


Yummy waffles made at home!


With two small kids at home, I have loved making yummy belgian waffles without having to go out to eat... The Bella waffle maker has consistently made great waffles for my family. I even freeze the extras for lazy mornings. I do spray the inside to help the waffles not stick, because sometimes they were sticking even though it is supposed to be "non-stick". After using it for over a year, my waffle maker still looks like new. It has cleaned well time after time. Definitely a good investment!


Warren, OH


Bella Cucina 13109 Waffle Maker

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