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Belkin Wireless G Broadband Router

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Cheap price and quality.


I had constant problems with this router. The set up was WAY to complicated, the router website was almost totally worthless and completely unhelpful! The connection cut out all the time and the internet was always slow. If you were more than fifteen feet away it was almost impossible to get connection. Performance The router was really useless. Not more than one person could be online at the same time without the internet completely dragging, like down to one bar of connection. Even when only one person was on you couldn't do anything that involved a large page or file or video because the connection was way to slow! Constant lagging and constant buffering! Durability Durability was good only because I had it a long time and it didn't just completely break. Setup & Ease of Use The setup was ridiculous! So over complicated it took forever! Then I had to connect it to all the other devices which somehow took even longer and on the laptop I had to do the set up multiple times before it worked. The only thing about this router that was easy was the reset button, which didn't do anything. Service & Support The router website was awful and unhelpful. Customer service was just as unhelpful. I talked to like four people and not one of them were any help at all.




Belkin admits to this product being vulnerable


I bought this router my freshman year of college thinking I would need it for my dorm room, this was 7 years ago. Somehow I managed to not use it until about a month ago. The set up was super easy and the connection is great. The main issue is security. I cannot manage to get the password to take on the router and so my internet is free to anyone in the neighborhood at this point. This makes me very nervous and I do plan on calling to see if there is a solution to the problem. When I was getting online tech support, no one was helping is was self helping. I came across a sentence that made me very annoyed. 'An early version of the G router (F5D7230-4 v2) was found to be vulnerable; we stopped shipping this version about seven years ago' found at I will say I was glad to hear all the other models were not found to be vulnerable. I understand technology changes to move with it people and stay away from the old stuff. I have a feeling if I don't get this changed someone is going to hack into my computer. It might be paranoia but nowdays you better be safer than sorry with your personal information being out there in cyberspace.


Omaha, NE


The Belkin Router is a solid router.


The belkin router is a solid router. It lasted a while before it started having problems. It lasted about two or so years before it started having problems. It has ok range, and the internet is ok. I think it was ok for the time but now there may be better routers for the same price. Belkin seems to have better routers too. It's simple to set up. After a while it started having problems where after connecting wireless devices such as laptops it would mess up the internet so it would have to be restarted constantly. But the regular internet worked ok without wireless connected. I'm not sure if moving the antenna did much. One problem was that when removing the power cable it was a little hard to get it out. It required pulling it at an angle which sometimes stressed me I think. Since it required resetting constantly after a while it became a hassle. I suggest getting a newer router because there may be better ones out there.


Decatur, GA


Still going strong


I have used this router for over 3 years now.  I'm only hoping I don't jinx myself but typing how well this router works.  I don't get the N capabilities of newer routers but G is just as fast and really fits my needs.  I really put this router to the test as its the heart of my Media hub.  I use this router as the main networking device between 2 laptops, a wifi enabled bluray player/netflix streamer and 3 gaming consoles including PS3, Xbox 360 and PSP.  I also have one desktop hardwired to the router as a Media donkey with a huge harddrive holding the bulk of my media mainly just for streaming to all other devices.  The interface is pretty simple and straightforward and if you are looking for simplicity this will work out for you good.  If you are into the advance setup and looking to set your own custom settings and want to control pinholes and DMZ and upgrading to custom firmware then you are looking at more expensive advance routers.  This is perfect for those that don't need those functions and just looking for something to work good for a long time.


Jacksonville, FL


Ive used nothing but a Belkin Wireless Router!!


I love my belkin wireless router!! I am able to connect to the internet without having to a long cable extending itself around the house. I dont have a phone line in my second bedroom, where my computer is, so without the wireless router i would have been s.o.l.  We also have a laptop in this house hold, sometimes both being used at once. With the wireless router, we can connect more than one device to the internet at once. We use cox communicationsso we connect our phone lines with our cable and internet all together. The router allows us to be connected to the internet as well as have our house phone line open for calls. My only complaint, which i think its our internet not our wireless router, is we keep getting disconnected from the internet, having to unplug the router and all its cords for a few minutes then plug it back in. I honestly dont think that has anything to do with the router, but im no expert so who knows. All i know is that using a belkin router, is a whole lot better than using cables, extending from room to room. The router also has a long life span. We have had ours for a few years now.


Henderson, NV


The Belkin Wireless G Router does it's job perfectly.


We decided to buy a router because we had two lap tops, a playstation 3, and a wii that all required internet connections, and didn't want a ton of wires all over the house for our children trip over (okay, maybe I'm the one that would have tripped). My husband bought the Belkin Wireless G Router after looking to see what was available online He decided on this one because it provides a lifetime warranty and tech support. He was also impressed that you could hook up 32 computers at once. Lan Party anyone? Not to was the cheapest at the time! The Belkin Wireless G Router was very easy to set up and took around ten minutes to hook up to our modem. We've had it for over a year and haven't had any issues whatsoever. The Belkin Wireless G Router transfers data at up to 54 Mbps using the 2.4 Ghz band, which is perfect for our everyday use. However for hardcore downloaders I understand this may be a bit of an issue.


Yuma, AZ


With Belkin sometimes you get what you paid for


I bought this as a cheap form of wireless so I could keep my son from grabbing the ethernet cords in my house and destroy/play with them. The router was easy enough to set up and has your basic firewall protection settings that you can tweak to your needs. My only problem with the device comes from the fact that sometimes the wireless signal disappears and you need to reboot the device to bring it up. I know it's not my laptop as it still picks up my neighbors and surrounding signals, its just the router stops broadcasting. I've exchanged twice and have just accepted it and now use a small laptop stand and have turned the wireless off and just use it as a router. I own other Belkin products like my surge protector and they have worked great, so I'm sure if I got a more expensive router from belkin it would work fine. This one, not so much. With it's weak signal strength I'd recommend this only to novice wireless users in very small apartments with drywall walls and not plaster. If you have plaster, forget about it.


Richmond, VA


The Belkin G Router to me was very difficult in hooking up a con


**** The Belkin wireless G router I recently purchased has been nothing but trouble.As for myself I can't get any help from customer service. The lights all show a good connection. I have built in wifi in the brand new computer just purchased. Still have no wireless connection and am told that I need to run a cord from one computer to the other and by a special wireless connector for my x box 360. Which to me is why I BOUGHT THE WIRELESS CONNECTOR IN THE FIRST PLACE. NOT HAPPY AT ALL


Richmond, IN


It gets the job done


This router is not the best but its not the worst I guess. It works with my dsl (which btw sucks but its the only thing I can get here ;_; ). I actually had a lot of problems setting it up even with the directions. Though it is kind of hard for me to set up wireless routers ( I had problems with setting up netgear wireless g router as well), I felt that this one was unneccessarily hard. It is possible that the hardship was due to At&t (which I also despise with a passion); which loves to lose connections a random times...But I digress. I had problems with it connecting and when I did miraculously got it to work, the security WPA wouldnt work. Im not going to lie, I dont know how I fixed it but eventually I did. What sucks about the router is that even though it claims it works with anything that supports 802.11g down, you cant use it with certain electronics. I couldnt use my ipod touch or my blackberry with it ;_;. Laptops and netbooks however work fine. So if you're on a budget and only need it for laptops/netbooks/pc if your pc has wireless on it, its not a bad steal. but if u can afford the upgrade, do yourself the favor, do it.


Chicago, IL


An Easy Way to Connect to the Internet


This router is good to have. It is a little complicated but easier than it seems. If you want to connect the Internet quickly or necessarily, all you have to do is get an ethernet cable to connect your computer to the router. You do not have to try to connect to the Internet in another way as in trying to use a wireless network card. The ethernet router does have plug holes for connecting wires. It must be connected to the cable modem (If you have a good brand or quality of the cable modem, that should help you connect to the Internet successfully.) and that is that. It does last for a long time. Usually, if you have a problem with the Internet connection, reboot the router if necessary and wait to see if all the numbers or symbols glow in green. They must all glow at the same time so that you can connect to the Internet completely. What an excellent way to have something convenient, simple, less complicated, and suitable for your desires and needs.  It is the product you have been wishing and expecting worthwhile.


Williamsburg, VA


Belkin Wireless G Broadband Router

3.7 22