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Belkin Wireless Surf Router

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Belkin wireless router


This router isn't the best but then agian it isn't the worst that I have used. My previous router was not compatiable with my new laptop so I had to go out and get a new router. I did a little reaserch and the only one that I could find within my price range was this one. When I got it home, set-up was a breeze. All I had to do was basically plug it in and let it go. It worked well for quite a while but then I started having a little trouble with it. As I was working or just browsing it would suddenly lose connection. I'd do the typical steps, unplug, wait, replug. It would then work again. A little bothersome, but manageable. If you're looking for a replacement router that is pretty cheap but works fairly well this is a good one.

Addison, PA


Belkin wireless router does nor always work efficiently.


When I got my laptop computer, I decided that I would go wireless so that I could use my computer anywhere in the house. After much research and price comparison I chose the  Belkin wireless surf router. All the research I did, I thought I had chosen well. Now, most of the time the wireless router works quite well. The range includes my whole house and when it is working it is very efficient. But once or two a week I get a message that says my Belkin wireless connection is unavailable. Then I need to go through the steps of diagnosing the problem. After all else fails, I will unplug the device, wait about a minute and plug back in. Then everything works again. This becomes very frustrating when you are in the middle of something and you lose connection. Additionally, much time is lost in getting your internet jobs accomplished. I am giving it 2 stars because when it is working it works quite well. I would not, however, recommend the Belkin wireless router to anyone looking for a dependable router.

Mount Wolf, PA


Belkin Wireless Surf Router

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