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FM Transmitter
Belkin - TuneCast (F8V367-APL) FM Transmitter

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Portable and easy to use but poor transmission


I have had 5 transmitters and this is by far the worst transmitter I have had. Don't get me wrong, it has a great simple user design and is portable by all means but it simply just doesn't get the job done. I used it for only a couple days when I realized I made a mistake in purchasing it. Belkin makes great products but this doesn't cut it. The battery life of this transmitter lasted the whole time I had it but was nearly dead. The transmission of the FM signal was poor. I tried using each station to transmit from several devices that I own but it never correctly worked with my stereo receiver. I guess I should have read some reviews on Viewpoints.com before I bought it. I hope that other users can read this before they also make the mistake of buying this Belkin FM Transmitter if it is even on shelves in store anymore. I am pleased to say that I did happen to purchase a Belkin Transmitter later that fulfilled my needs. Thanks Belkin!

Santa Rosa, CA


very effective


I was actually surprised by this. I still don't know how it works. When I first used it, the music was all staticy, but you have to make sure you have the volume on the ipod turned down to less than half, and adjust the car volume from the car. I really like this product and I reccommend it.

Tomahawk, WI


You get what you pay for.


I got this cause it was the cheapest one available, and I am sorry that I didn't save up for the more expensive ones.  I wanted to use this in my car with my Zen.  I had to keep moving my zen all around the car trying to get a clear signal.  When it did get picked up...it sounded like AM radio.  I would drive on a little bit...and it would go out again.  When you go buy trees or buildings...it goes out.  Stop at a traffic light...it goes out.  The cord is so short that you have to move it with your mp3 player...I was trying to move them both around like they were rabbit ears on a television.  So dumb! Save for a better one!

Stockton, MD


WOW! That's TIGHT!


*This item absolutely rocks!  You can download hundreds of your favorite songs onto your MP3,ZEN ,iPOD,etc. then simply plug the Tune Cast into it , tune your nearest stereo in to 1 of 3 said stations and listen to all your favorite tunes right through your car or home stereo, or even an alarm clock.  No channel surfing, or waiting for a station to play, "your song".* *It's a deffinate MUST HAVE!!* *Especially if you like gadgets.*

Vancouver, WA


Belkin - TuneCast (F8V367-APL) FM Transmitter

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