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Belkin Mouse

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Belkin "mini" mouse makes travel easy


I bout a netbook computer about a year ago, and one of my biggest concerns was being able to "navigate" with the pad on it. I was used to a mouse and needed to find one small enough for a netbook. I found this Belkin compact mouse at a great price and cannot believe how great it works. It's very small (less than 3 inches) and has a retractable cord, which makes it nice because there is no long cord in the way. I can use it on any surface because it has an optical sensor. And I mean ANY surface. I use it on my bed and couch with no issues. It connects via eub prt and has 2 buttons for left and right clicking, plus a scroll wheel. It does come in a varietyof pretty colors, but I chose the black to match my netbook. I am also amazed at the speed of this little guy. My cursor moves faster than with the regular size mouse or scroll pad on the netbook. I am very pleased with this purchase and would highly recommend it to any one who is looking for a smaller sized mouse that is very portable Performance works as well as any larger mouse I've had. moves pretty fast Durability It held up for quite sometime. I purchased it right after I got my mini netbook, but I did have to replace it after about 2 years or so. I did buy the exact same one,though Design cute little retractable mouse came in a few colors,but I chose the basic black Comfort fits nicely in my hands. Not much else to say. It's light and moves with ease

Clearwater, FL


Belkin F5LO16 Mouse Junk cord


I bought this mouse a couple months ago.I only had used this mouse for about a month. Then I went to use it and it wasn't working.  I noticed the wire on the end of the mouse was broken. Everytime I would wiggle the wire it would work for a second. I dont recommend buying this product.

Saint Paul, MN


Belkin Mouse

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