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Belkin BZ103050-TVL Surge Suppressor

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great little surge protector


I purchase this portable mini-surge protector because I travel a lot with my laptop and do not want to plug my laptop and other accessories (cell phone, ipod, gps charges) into dirty power in suspect locations like hotel power outlets.  This mini surge protector is half the length of a typical surge protector, although it is bulkier in the other dimensions, in that it is shaped like a rectangular prism.  But it is still very portable and lightweight and I would not travel without it anymore.  There are three regular three pronged (ground) outlets and two USB ports for charging USB devices like your portable GPS navigation systems, music/movie/PMP players, Apple iPods and iPhones, Blackberries, etc.  The outlet that plugs into the wall rotates so that you can orient your surge protector in the most convenient direction possible.  Even if you do not travel, this is a great purchase because of the prevalence of USB charged devices these days.


East Brunswick, NJ


Must have for your laptop or travel!!!


This is the 2nd mobile surge protector I bought!  I like the one that Targus made, very portable and small, but it didn't have the auxiliaries USB charging feature like the Belkin ones.  Comparing both portable surge protectors, they both have 3 full time AC surge protection.  But one thing they lack is the 220VAC support!  I wish they have thought of the details of this particular feature when they were designing these surge protectors for traveling.  Back to the Belkin, I love the idea of USB charging and surge protecting feature are very useful for my portable devices.  I was able to charge my phone and iPod without hooking it up to my laptop when it is not use.  One minor design problem, the AC cap (which you can turn backward and use it as a pedestal against from the wall) or cover should added some sort of tether or latch to avoid loosing it.  Also, most of the time the surge protector is not flat against to the wall.  So you might need to hold on to it while you are plugging it to your devices.  Sometime I find it loose or hanging from the wall plug.  So, I modify it and raise the height of the pedestal to give some support for the surge protector itself.   I have already bought 4 of these and making sure all of my laptops and even my parent's laptop are plug into this device. 


Sunnyvale, CA


Multi-functional charger


We have two.  My husband uses his like a regular charging station for all his electronics in the evenings.  One unit, all his electronics are covered in one outlet. I took my on vacation and let me tell you, this was one of the best buys I could have made.  Rather than search for plugs or realize I didn't remember the traditional plug, you have two USB ports and three traditional outlets.  The unit swivels around to accommodate the environment and it was easy to remember all my electronics "in one place" when I was leaving.  I also use it at my place of work.  There are times when I forgot to plug in my cellphone or my ipod is dead and I'm in need of them during the day.  I can discreetly hook all my plugs into the one unit and just let them charge while I'm working on the computer without having to bring in bulky a/c adapters.  If you need a charging station, I would recommend building your "station" around this unit.


Bradenton, FL


Belkin Comes Through


I was in need of a multiple outlets for my room, especially since i didn't have a phone charge. So one day my brother showed up to my house with one of these and i was astounded by it. I had to get one myself and now my house is full of these. One of belkins best product and just like always they do not disappoint. I recommend this product to anyone who is in need of a power surge with multiple outlet powers. This product is way better than the standard usb block that comes with the iPhone which is why it has replaced it. An awesome buy because it replaces one AC outlet for 3 and 2 usb ports. It also protects anything you plug into from  power surge which is great if you live in an area that has very frequent ones. I have also gotten other family members that live far away into buying multiple of this product because they live in an area where the power leaves a lot. Do to that they have also lost a lot of expensive electronics.  


Miami, FL


A must gadget for travelers!


This is one of my new favorite travel gadgets. I tell everyone they should get at least one of them. I own two: one that I keep in my travel bag all the time and we have one that we use in our living room that we plug the big electronics into, because it plugs right into the wall and we don't need a big power strip. The pros of this item are obvious: It's compcat, it has a rotating plug to fit any outlet anywhere and it's not just a multi-outlet plug. It has a built-in surge protector, which is great for traveling. It has 3 regular sockets and 2 for USB plugs, meaning you can charge all your electronics at once and not worry about power surges ruining them. I can plug in my iGo cord, my camera charger and my laptop all at the same time. Usually, I can only plug in one thing at a time in a hotel room, which is always annoying and the reason I purchased an iGo in the first place, which I still use with the Belkin and love it, because I can charge my laptop and also my smaller electronic devices, too. I don't think there's anything about the Belkin mini surge protector that I DON'T like. It fits in any open space in your luggage...like a shoe...and makes traveling with electronics SO much better!


Portland, OR


Great surge protector.


I like this surge protector. I always bring it when I travel. There are a few small issues I have with it. The plug prongs do not fold it for travel. Not a big deal. It does come with a plug protector that you use to hold when you hit the button to rotate the plug. It turns all the way around. It could be a little smaller. It is really wide. It's about as wide as two single row surge protectors. The plug is located to the far left (or right -- I don't remember exactly) so plugging something onto the far right moves the whole unit so you have to be careful. The plug cover (that thing used for turning the plug) has a lip to be placed on the opposite side to "balance" the unit, but it does not make it flush with the wall as it was intended. The "issues" are small and do not stop the product from working. I recently went on a trip and plugged my phone and iPod in the USB ports, and my computer, camera charger, and the hotel lamp in the outlets. I didn't unplug the alarm clock as it was already set, but all my electronics were protected. This product could easily be used at a home office or near a nightstand as a charging station. I would recommend unplugging surge proctors that do not have on/off switches because they use electricity even when nothing is plugged in (when you see that little light, you'll know it's on).


Atlanta, GA


Belkin BZ103050-TVL Surge Suppressor

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