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Behr Exterior Stain

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A disappointment-tons of hard work, and it wore off in a season.


I had such hopes for my deck!  What a disappointment Behr exterior stain was.  I followed all of the instructions, which included cleaning off the deck with a chemical and scrubbing every inch of it with a stiff brush, as well as getting rid of mold/mildew stains with yet another Behr product.  After all that work was done, we stained, only to have the new stain wear through in less than a season.  A year after I redid the deck, it looks just as bad as before I started.  I will never use this product again, and the next time I do the deck, no way am I stripping the last stain off with a chemical - it's power-washer all the way.

Syracuse, NY


Behr Exterior Stain

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