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Behr Liquid Raw-Hide Stain & Varnish

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Behr RawHide - Color and Protection for Outdoor Furniture


I am a true blue fan of Behr interior paints because the quality and price point can't be beat.  Therefore, when I was looking for a stain and varnish to apply to my patio bench, I was thrilled to discover that Behr offered just the item I was looking for. **Behr Patio Furniture Stain & Varnish - Redwood Gloss** I purchased the stain and varnish on a trip to Home Depot.  My bench already had a slight redwood color but I did want to deepen the hue.  The polyurethane varnish comes in both redwood and clear, so I opted for a one-quart can of redwood gloss.  My hope was that I could get color and protection all in one product, and the Behr varnish did exactly that. Behr Liquid Rawhide is oil-based so it requires thorough mixing before use.  Since I was using it outdoors, I had plenty of natural ventilation and didn't worry about fumes.  Once mixed, Liquid Raw-Hide applies evenly without bothersome drips.  It dried to the touch in about 5 hours (although I suppose that will vary depending on temperature and humidity). Although the directions advise to use several thin layers, I admit to being impatient and applying thicker coats than the ideal.  Even so, once the Liquid Rawhide was fully dry it gave my bench a deep color and glossy finish.  The bench survived the winter without any protective tarp or covering.  The gloss finish makes the rain and snow bead off of the surface, and the bench is easy to wipe clean.  I did find a couple of spots where the finish peeled off, but I touched them up as soon as the weather broke.  It looks good as new and I still have half a can left for future touch ups.  The only downside to this stain and varnish combo is that it is oil-based, and therefore, must be cleaned up with turpentine or mineral spirits.  I never hassle with cleanup, however.  I purchase an inexpensive paintbrush, and keep it in a Ziploc bag between coats so that it doesn't dry out.  Once I'm completely finished with my project, I discard the brush. No toxic turpentine needed. Overall, I highly recommend **Behr Liquid RawHide Patio Furniture Stain and Varnish** to spruce up your outdoor furniture.  I am very happy with the long-lasting results.


Chicagoland, IL


Behr Liquid Raw-Hide Stain & Varnish

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