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Beech-Nut Fruities Apples & Blueberries

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Awesome Snack for Babies!


I have tried multiple different brands of stage four baby food in my line of work (I am a nanny), and when I saw the Beech Nut Fruties I knew I needed to try them with one of my charges. I was wary at first because he wasn't a huge fan of fruits to begin with, but with a coupon and these on sale I bought a couple for him to test out, and was shocked when he ate them with no fussing at all. Of the different varieties I bought for him to try, his favorite was the Beech Nut Fruities Apple and Blueberries. He sucked them up with no problem and wanted more. They are reasonably priced, and Beech Nut often offers coupons on there website as well as the various coupon websites and in the circulars in Sunday papers. There is more than usual amount of food in the container which is great for growing babies, and they make an awesome fruit addition to lunch or dinner, or paired with oatmeal or toast for breakfast, or even just a snack. I will be buying these in the future for more of the children I care for. Good job Beech Nut.



HUGE hit in our house!


When my son was about 8 months, we started introducing table and baby foods. I'm an avid couponer, so we bought a lot of Beech-nut products. I picked these apple and blueberry Fruities up on a whim, not knowing if my son would like them or not. OH MY! He gobbles them down, every chance he gets! I have to keep several packs in our pantry because they are one of his favorites! They're 6-ounce cups, basically apple sauce with blueberries in it. My son loves anything apple, and the cooked blueberries in this food are a favorite for him. He won't eat a 'raw' blueberry, but he loves cooked ones. This Fruities is quite often part of his breakfast, and it's also good for a mid-day snack. We love Beech-nut products in our family! The ingredients are exactly what they should be (no long words you can't pronounce; just fruits and veggies and water). I've written the company to tell them how great their products are, and they've emailed and regular mailed coupons on several occasions.

Asheboro, NC


Beech-Nut Fruities Apples & Blueberries

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