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Bee-Alive Royal Jelly

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Helps your body help itself.


In the bee hive, the worker bees live on honey and bee pollen.  But one larva will be fed Royal Jelly, made by the worker bees and that larva will become a Queen bee.  A worker bee lives about 6-8 weeks, but the Queen bee lives about 6-8 years.  If the Royal Jelly is taken away from the Queen and is fed honey and bee pollen, she will die in about 6-8 weeks.  Scientists can not reproduce Royal Jelly, and people have experienced many wonderful results from energy, balanced blood pressure, chemical balance, freed from allergies.  I even gave it to my dogs that were lathargic, coats dull and sparse, trouble with flees and mites.  They loved it right off the spoon.  Within a short time, they were acting like puppies, their coats were beautiful, and no trouble with fleas or mites.

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Bee-Alive Royal Jelly

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