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TIGI Bed Head
Bed Head Shampoo- all varieties

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Bed head Recharge Doesn't do it for me


I bought this shampoo on sale and thought I would give it a try. I got it home and was so excited to use it because I heard it was supposed to be good stuff. I am not all that impressed because it works just as well as the cheaper brands I have been using. I prefer fructis because at least it leaves my hair looking shiny and soft. The recharge hasn't worked that well for my hair. It feels dry. The other thing I don't like about it is the smell. I can't explain what it smells like, all I know is that I don't like it. I feel like it is highly overrated and not worth the price. It is supposed to help damaged hair. I have been using it for a couple of months and haven't noticed a difference. I feel like my hair was healthier before. After I finish off the bottles of shampoo and conditioner I don't plan to use the same brand again. Effectiveness It cleans your hair but nothing all that special about it. Scent I hate it.



This Line Of Shampoo Has Changed My Life!


Bed Head went from being very gimmicky and trendy yet ineffective to being remarkable miracle working on many counts. I tried to use Bed Head shampoo products for years and all I got was an itchy head and miserable looking hair. I had abandoned hope of trying Bed Head any more until I found a new product that was non- sodium lauryl sulfate called Foxy Curls. I decided to try it. After a LIFETIME of looking for something to boost my very baby fine thin hair I cried at the arrival of the hair of my dreams. I am being completely literal here. I can create the most astounding hairstyles by using Bed Head Foxy Curls - I still am amazed. Other non sodium lauryl sulfate shampoos were discovered in the line and again- MIRACULOUS. Superstar is so remarkable that it literally sells out in salons fully stocked all of the time. Unfortunately, many of the astounding fantastic shampoos are in the process of being redesigned and the newer versions coming out are having very bad reviews. That is so sad. I am not sure how long the tons of stock of the other versions will be around, but they still are at the time of this review. Grab them while you can. Effectiveness Foxy Curls takes my hair from weenie tiny and thin to curly, voluminous, and HUGE. I look like I had a very expensive perm when I use it. Superstar is fantastic- it takes my hair up four levels to full and thick in ways I never though possible with my hair. The non sodium lauryl sulfate versions of Bed Head have been fabulous. The other versions have not been good at all for me, leaving my head itchy and hair horrible. Because my experience with the non sodium lauryl sulfate versions of Bed Head have been so remarkable and life changing, I am putting my rating at Very Good. I do want to mention that there are not all good lines in this brand, and if they continue to make them over- maybe worse than ever. The previous versions have been so life changing, I hate to think of them not being there in the future, and having to go back to boring icky hair. Scent Oh my gosh- this is a dimension of hair care that this company has mastered. Cinnamon buns, lemon meringue pie, vanilla ice cream, cookies- you name it, Bed Head has probably made a shampoo with that decadent type smell to it. Their shampoos are a pleasure to use for scent alone in most cases.

Podunk, NY


Bed Head "Some like it Hot" smells so good!


I am currently using the product Tigi Bed Head "Some Like It Hot" and I must say that I ADORE this product! First of all it smells fantastic! It's a mixture of a fruity smell and the tropics! I don't know if thats the right description, but it smells fantastic!! When you wash your hair, the smell stays, which for me is a definite plus. I love getting compliments on how my hair smells! Secondly, It makes my hair feel so soft after I blow dry it! A good compliment for this shampoo is the "Some Like It Hot" hair protectant. It makes your hair even softer, and protects it at the same time when your blow drying or using your straightening iron! With the usual shampoo you'll get build up, so you'll have to switch after a few weeks, but after two weeks of using a different shampoo, I go right back to my regular!!! I love love love this shampoo!

Kapaa, HI


Bed Head Shampoo- all varieties

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