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BebeSounds Portable Color Video and Sound Monitor with Dual Receivers

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a must have


this baby monitor is a must have for every first time parent or even if you already have more than one little one... works for a long distance, if I will leave the house to go get the mail I will take it with me and I could hear my prescious baby sleeping so I was not worry that something happen to him in that second... also it will let me do everything in the house without constantly having to go inside his room to check up on him and wake him up... it has such a clear sound that it made me felt like I was actually still in the room... it also looks so nice and elegant that it will make your nursery look much nicer than it already is... the price is not so cheap but for what it does is well worth it paying the little extra after all you need the best to help you take care of your angels... I also never had a problem with mine for functionability so I never had to replace it... overall very good


Pomona, NY


Bebesounds video monitor works well with little interference.


Bebesounds video monitor works well.  It is a good price for a dual room video system and we have no interference from any of our appliances or other electrical items in our home. The battery life could be better but we usually only use it plugged into the outlet anyway. Overall a good value and I would buy it again.


Niles, MI


BebeSounds Portable Color Video and Sound Monitor with Dual Receivers

4.5 2